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Terms of Service

WordsValley is so far a non profitable organization. Unlike corporate giants WordsValley pursues projects for the greater good of humanity. Usually these are funded by advertisers. So far, donations have been denied. In doing so, WordsValley practices a low budget fiscal plan thereby expecting you the visitor/client to respect our limitations by not abusing WordsValley content and respecting CopyRight whereever it is deemed necessary. Data & Privacy: The information collected from you will be stored in our database and is used purely to carry out your instructions. There are no circumstances under which, this information might be passed to a third party,unless it is deemed necessary by a legitimate court of law. Supply: We undertake to supply you with the offline portals/offline beta portals if you have requested so described in the Web Pages or in brochure by any date you might reasonably request knowing that the processing,postage and right approvals can take time. If you have an urgent request it is always advisable to discuss your requirement on the telephone. Contact: We will only contact you in connection with your instructions and keep you well informed should we have any difficulties providing you with the specific goods ordered, to be delivered by your date specified. We will not email you at all without your permission. Delivery: Obviously you the customer recognise that we do rely on postal services or other suitable carrier for overseas deliveries. We monitor the performance of our carriers continuously. Whereas we rarely have had a complaint about the quality of our dispatched hardware, there have been a very small number of occasions (less than 0.01%) when due to circumstances entirely beyond our control our goods have not arrived by the requested time. Payment: Since we are non profitable organization, you are only charged the cost not the profit thereby the prices are relatively very low. These low amounts can usually be channeled through bank accounts to wordsvalley's. Complaints: It is possible that beta portals show bugs which we will try and fix as soon as possible especially in the case of critical bugs. However, updates will be released timely to get rid of any minor bugs. It is assumed that the final products will be highly stable and less likely to carry critical bugs. Law and Jurisdiction: Any contract for your purchase is governed by and has to be interpreted under the Law of Netherlands, and you agree that such contract will be subject to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the Dutch courts. Final Note: We suppose because we have always enjoyed an open and trusting relationship with our existing wordsvalley users be it offline or online. We hope that you will be able to benefit from this project. Any concern that you might have regarding security, privacy or complaint in connection with making a purchase online or copy right issues may always be taken up with our office.