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Titlesort iconAuhor's FirstnameSurnameTimeline
The Indian Lily and Other Stories HermannSudermann1857
Imogen A Pastoral Romance WilliamGodwin1756
History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire ? Volume 3 EdwardGibbon1737
The Living Link JamesDe Mille1836
The Fallen Star, or, the History of a False Religion by E.L. Bulwer; And, A Dissertation on the Origin of Evil by Lord Brougham
A Study of Hawthorne George ParsonsLathrop1851
Honor Edgeworth Ottawa's Present Tense pseud. Vera1865
Parisians in the Country Honor deBalzac1799
What Will He Do with It ? Volume 05 Baron Edward Bulwer LyttonLytton1803
History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire ? Volume 5 EdwardGibbon1737
History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire ? Volume 3 EdwardGibbon1737
History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire ? Volume 2 EdwardGibbon1737
History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire ? Volume 1 EdwardGibbon1737
The Vedanta-Sutras with the Commentary by Ramanuja ? Sacred Books of the East, Volume 48
Species and Varieties, Their Origin by Mutation Hugo deVries1848
Higher Lessons in English A work on english grammar and composition
Doctor Grimshawe's Secret ? a Romance NathanielHawthorne1804
Swann's Way MarcelProust1871
Fanshawe NathanielHawthorne1804
Rob Roy ? Volume 01 Sir WalterScott1771
The Antiquary ? Volume 02 Sir WalterScott1771
The Log of the Empire State Geneve L. A.Shaffer
China Demetrius CharlesBoulger1853
The United States of America, Part 1 Edwin ErleSparks1860
Theological Essays and Other Papers ? Volume 2 ThomasDe Quincey1785
Curiosities of the Sky Garrett P. (Garrett Putman)Serviss1851
On the Study of Words Richard CTrench1807
Public Opinion WalterLippmann1889
Waverley Sir WalterScott1771
The Fat and the Thin mileZola1840
Waverley ? Complete Sir WalterScott1771
Waverley ? Volume 1 Sir WalterScott1771
The Sea-Witch Or, the African Quadroon : a Story of the Slave Coast Maturin MurrayBallou1820
Story of Creation as Told By Theology and By Science T. S. (Thomas Suter)Ackland1817
The Count's Millions mileGaboriau1836
Desperate Remedies ThomasHardy1840
Hispanic Nations of the New World; a chronicle of our southern neighbors William R. (William Robert)Shepherd1871
The Armies of Labor A chronicle of the organized wage-earners Samuel PeterOrth1873
Ten Years Later AlexandreDumas p re1802
From Sand Hill to Pine BretHarte1836
Repertory of the Comedie Humaine Part 1
Repertory of the Comedie Humaine Part 2
Tales of the Caliph H. N.Crellin
Boy Scouts on Motorcycles With the Flying Squadron G. Harvey (George Harvey)Ralphson1879
Slavery and Four Years of War, Vol. 1-2 A Political History of Slavery in the United States Together With a Narrative of the C Joseph WarrenKeifer
The Nabob, Vol. 2 (of 2) AlphonseDaudet1840
Chambers's Edinburgh Journal, No. 444 Volume 18, New Series, July 3, 1852Various
English Past and Present Richard ChevenixTrench
Character Sketches of Romance, Fiction and the Drama A Revised American Edition of the Reader's Handbook, Vol. 3 Ebenezer CobhamBrewer1810
Waverley: or, 'Tis sixty years since Sir WalterScott1771
Reminiscences of Sixty Years in Public Affairs, Vol. 2 George S.Boutwell1818
Summa Theologica, Part III (Tertia Pars) From the Complete American Edition Saint ThomasAquinas1225
Villa Elsa A Story of German Family Life Stuart OliverHenry1860
One Wonderful Night A Romance of New York LouisTracy1863
The Muse of the Department Honor deBalzac1799
A Mummer's Tale AnatoleFrance1844
The Last Man Mary WollstonecraftShelley1797
Sixteen Months in Four German Prisons Wesel, Sennelager, Klingelputz, Ruhleben Frederick Arthur AmbroseTalbot1880
A Second Home Honor deBalzac1799
Myth and Science An Essay TitoVignoli1828
Repertory Of The Comedie Humaine, Complete, A ? Z
The Rivals of Acadia An Old Story of the New World Harriet VaughanCheney1796
The House of the Vampire George SylvesterViereck1884
Some Mooted Questions in Reinforced Concrete Design American Society of Civil Engineers, Transactions, Paper No. 1169, Volume EdwardGodfrey
Pressure, Resistance, and Stability of Earth American Society of Civil Engineers: Transactions, Paper No. 1174, Volume LXX, De J. C.Meem
"Imperialism" and "The Tracks of Our Forefathers" Charles FrancisAdams1835
The Voice of the People Ellen Anderson GholsonGlasgow1873
Celebrated Claimants from Perkin Warbeck to Arthur OrtonAnonymous
Led Astray and The Sphinx Two Novellas In One Volume OctaveFeuillet1821
The Vedanta-Sutras with the Commentary by Sankaracarya Sacred Books of the East, Volume 1
The Empire of Austria; Its Rise and Present Power John S. C. (John Stevens Cabot)Abbott1805
The Atlantic Monthly, Volume 13, No. 78, April, 1864Various
India, Old and New Sir ValentineChirol1852
The Lever A Novel William DanaOrcutt1870
A Book of the Play Studies and Illustrations of Histrionic Story, Life, and Character DuttonCook1829
Fall of the Moghul Empire of Hindustan H. G. (Henry George)Keene1825
The Forest of Vazon A Guernsey Legend of the Eighth CenturyAnonymous
The Felon's Track History Of The Attempted Outbreak In Ireland, Embracing The Leading Events In The Irish Struggle From The Ye MichaelDoheny
Proportional Representation Applied To Party Government
Almoran and Hamet JohnHawkesworth1715
The Talisman Sir WalterScott1771
A Love Episode mileZola1840
The World's Greatest Books ? Volume 11 ? Ancient and Medi?val HistoryVarious
Blackwood's Edinburgh Magazine ? Volume 53, No. 331, May, 1843Various
Phases of Faith Passages from the History of My Creed Francis WilliamNewman1805
The Merchant of Berlin An Historical Novel L. (Luise)M hlbach1814
The itinerary of Archbishop Baldwin through Wales GiraldusCambrensis1146
Punch, or the London Charivari, Volume 153, December 12, 1917Various
The Mirror of Literature, Amusement, and Instruction Volume 12, No. 343, November 29, 1828Various
The Fern Lover's Companion A Guide for the Northeastern States and Canada George HenryTilton1845
The Orations of Marcus Tullius Cicero, Volume 4 Marcus TulliusCicero106
Vergil A Biography TenneyFrank1876
The Arrow of Gold JosephConrad1857
Sea-Power and Other Studies Admiral Sir CyprianBridge1839
The Last of the Foresters Or, Humors on the Border; A story of the Old Virginia Frontier John EstenCooke1830
The Twilight of the Gods, and Other Tales RichardGarnett1835