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Titlesort iconAuhor's FirstnameSurnameTimeline
"'Tis Sixty Years Since" Address of Charles Francis Adams; Founders' Day, January 16, 1913 Charles FrancisAdams1835
Blackwood's Edinburgh Magazine ? Volume 53, No. 327, January, 1843Various
An Enemy to the King Robert NeilsonStephens1867
An Appeal to the Christian Women of the South Angelina EmilyGrimke1805
Star-Dust FannieHurst1889
A History of Rome During the Later Republic and Early Principate A. H. J. (Abel Hendy Jones)Greenidge1865
Female Scripture Biographies, Volume I Francis AugustusCox1783
The Conflict with Slavery and Others, Complete, Volume VII, The Works of Whittier: the Conflict with Slavery, Politics and Ref John GreenleafWhittier1807
The Conflict with Slavery, Part 1, from Volume VII, The Works of Whittier: the Conflict with Slavery, Politics and Reform, the John GreenleafWhittier1807
Travels in Arabia; comprehending an account of those territories in Hedjaz which the Mohammedans regard as sacred John LewisBurckhardt1784
The Leopard Woman Stewart EdwardWhite1873
Fifteen Years with the Outcast Mrs. (Mother) RobertsFlorence
The Life of Thomas Telford; civil engineer with an introductory history of roads and travelling in Great Britain SamuelSmiles1812
Ten Thousand Dreams Interpreted, or what's in a dream: a scientific and practical exposition Gustavus HindmanMiller1857
Charlotte's Inheritance M. E. (Mary Elizabeth)Braddon1835
Youth: Its Education, Regimen, and Hygiene G. StanleyHall1846
Stories from Thucydides H. L. (Herbert Lord)Havell1913
The Life of Samuel Taylor Coleridge 1838 JamesGillman
An Essay on the Evils of Popular Ignorance JohnFoster1770
The System of Nature, Volume 2 baron d Paul Henri ThiryHolbach1723
Report on the Condition of the South CarlSchurz1829
The Story of Ab A Tale of the Time of the Cave Man StanleyWaterloo1846
The Far Horizon LucasMalet1852
The History of England from the Norman Conquest to the Death of John (1066-1216) George BurtonAdams1851
Why Worry? George LincolnWalton1854
Literary Remains, Volume 2 Samuel TaylorColeridge1772
The Sisters-In-Law Gertrude Franklin HornAtherton1857
Democracy and Education: an introduction to the philosophy of education JohnDewey1859
Literary Remains, Volume 1 Samuel TaylorColeridge1772
Life on the Mississippi, Part 9. MarkTwain1835
Marse Henry (Volume 2) An Autobiography HenryWatterson1840
The Life of Francis Marion William GilmoreSimms1806
Theory of the Leisure Class ThorsteinVeblen1857
Biographia Epistolaris, Volume 1. Samuel TaylorColeridge1772
Life and Times of Washington, Volume 2 Revised, Enlarged, and Enriched
Henry Fielding: a Memoir G. M.Godden
Woodrow Wilson as I Know Him Joseph P.Tumulty
Brook Farm John ThomasCodman
The Voyage of Captain Popanilla Earl of Beaconsfield BenjaminDisraeli1804
The Three Clerks AnthonyTrollope1815
Daniel Deronda GeorgeEliot1819
First and Last HilaireBelloc1870
Handy Andy, Volume 2 ? a Tale of Irish Life SamuelLover1797
Cecilia; Or, Memoirs of an Heiress ? Volume 2 FannyBurney1752
The Great Conspiracy, Volume 7 John AlexanderLogan1826
The Great Conspiracy, Volume 5 John AlexanderLogan1826
The Great Conspiracy, Volume 2 John AlexanderLogan1826
The Great Conspiracy, Volume 3 John AlexanderLogan1826
The History of the United States from 1492 to 1910, Volume 1 From Discovery of America October 12, 1492 to Battle of Lexington JulianHawthorne1846
Thomas Jefferson, a Character Sketch Edward S. (Edward Sylvester)Ellis1840
Vestiges of the Natural History of Creation RobertChambers1802
Gaut Gurley D. P.Thompson1795
Mankind in the Making H. G. (Herbert George)Wells1866
Rob Roy ? Volume 02 Sir WalterScott1771
The Tale of Brownie Beaver Arthur ScottBailey1877
The Log of the Empire State Geneve L. A.Shaffer
Shakespeare und die Bacon-Mythen KunoFischer1824
The History of the Reign of Ferdinand and Isabella the Catholic ? Volume 3 William HicklingPrescott1796
The Lost Trail Edward S. (Edward Sylvester)Ellis1840
Story of the War in South Africa 1899-1900 Alfred T.Mahan
The Story of Siegfried JamesBaldwin1841
The Works of Frederich Schiller Johann Christoph Friedrich vonSchiller1759
The Poems of Schiller ? Second period Johann Christoph Friedrich vonSchiller1759
The Piccolomini Johann Christoph Friedrich vonSchiller1759
Quicksilver The Boy With No Skid To His Wheel George ManvilleFenn
Rob Harlow's Adventures A Story of the Grand Chaco George ManvilleFenn
England under the Tudors Arthur D. (Arthur Donald)Innes1938
Philip Dru Administrator : a Story of Tomorrow 1920 - 1935 Edward MandellHouse1858
A Domestic Problem : Work and Culture in the Household Mrs. Abby MortonDiaz1821
The Caesars ThomasDe Quincey1785
The United States of America, Part 1 Edwin ErleSparks1860
Thaddeus of Warsaw JanePorter1776
Deductive Logic St. George William JosephStock1850
The Life of the Venerable Mother Mary of the Incarnation AReligious of the Ursuline Community
A Modern Utopia H. G. (Herbert George)Wells1866
From October to Brest-Litovsk Leon DavidovichTrotzky1879
Medieval Europe H. W. C. (Henry William Carless)Davis1874
Cecilia; Or, Memoirs of an Heiress ? Volume 1 FannyBurney1752
English literary criticismVarious
Varieties of Religious Experience, a Study in Human Nature WilliamJames1842
Narrative and Miscellaneous Papers ? Volume 2 ThomasDe Quincey1785
Biographia Literaria Samuel TaylorColeridge1772
The Great Fortress : A chronicle of Louisbourg 1720-1760 William (William Charles Henry)Wood1864
The Memoirs of General Philip H. Sheridan, Volume II., Part 6 General Philip HenrySheridan1831
The Memoirs of General W. T. Sherman, Volume I., Part 2 William T. (William Tecumseh)Sherman1820
The Problems of Philosophy Earl Bertrand Arthur William rdRussell31872
Problems of Conduct DurantDrake
The Fireside Chats of Franklin Delano Roosevelt Franklin DelanoRoosevelt1882
Bergson and His Philosophy John AlexanderGunn1896
The Campaign of Chancellorsville Theodore A.Dodge1842
The History of the Thirty Years' War Johann Christoph Friedrich vonSchiller1759
Burke's Speech on Conciliation with America EdmundBurke1729
The Unbearable BassingtonSaki1870
Silas Marner GeorgeEliot1819
A Footnote to History Eight Years of Trouble in Samoa Robert LouisStevenson1850
Journals of Two Expeditions into the Interior of New South Wales JohnOxley1781
The Imperialist Sara JeannetteDuncan1862
Courts and Criminals Arthur CheneyTrain1875
The Confessions of Harry Lorrequer ? Volume 3 Charles JamesLever1806
The Confessions of Harry Lorrequer ? Volume 6 Charles JamesLever1806