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Titlesort iconAuhor's FirstnameSurnameTimeline
Yorkshire GordonHome1878
Black Jack MaxBrand1892
The Bronze Bell Louis JosephVance1879
The False Faces Further Adventures from the History of the Lone Wolf Louis JosephVance1879
Till the Clock Stops John JoyBell1871
Humoresque A Laugh on Life with a Tear Behind It FannieHurst1889
Star-Dust FannieHurst1889
Martin Conisby's Vengeance JefferyFarnol1878
Lo, Michael! Grace LivingstonHill1865
The Black Bag Louis JosephVance1879
Vane of the Timberlands HaroldBindloss1866
The Ashiel mystery A Detective Story Mrs. CharlesBryce
Martin Chuzzlewit CharlesDickens1812
Sir George Tressady ? Volume I Mrs. HumphryWard1851
The Field of Ice Part II of the Adventures of Captain Hatteras JulesVerne1828
Personal Poems, Complete Volume IV., the Works of Whittier: Personal Poems John GreenleafWhittier1807
Occasional Poems Part 3 from Volume IV., the Works of Whittier: Personal Poems John GreenleafWhittier1807
Rinkitink in Oz L. Frank (Lyman Frank)Baum1856
Tom Swift and His Big Tunnel, or, the Hidden City of the Andes Victor pseud.Appleton
The Dog WilliamYouatt1776
The Further Adventures of Jimmie Dale Frank L. (Frank Lucius)Packard1877
The Last of the Mohicans; A narrative of 1757 James FenimoreCooper1789
The Life of Thomas Telford; civil engineer with an introductory history of roads and travelling in Great Britain SamuelSmiles1812
The Lone Wolf A Melodrama Louis JosephVance1879
The Forest Stewart EdwardWhite1873
Cleveland Past and Present Its Representative Men
Tarzan and the Jewels of Opar Edgar RiceBurroughs1875
Comedy of Marriage and Other Tales Guy deMaupassant1850
Ruggles of Red Gap Harry LeonWilson1867
Dick Sands, the Boy Captain JulesVerne1828
Library Work with Children Alice IsabelHazeltine1878
Tacitus and Bracciolini The Annals Forged in the XVth Century John WilsonRoss1818
The Fur Country Seventy Degrees North Latitude JulesVerne1828
The Mysterious Island JulesVerne1828
Wonderful Balloon Ascents F. (Fulgence)Marion
Scientific American, Volume 17, No. 26 December 28, 1867 A Weekly Journal of Practical Information, Art, Science, Mechanics, ChVarious
Mary Slessor of Calabar: Pioneer Missionary W. P.Livingstone
Castles and Cave Dwellings of Europe S. (Sabine)Baring Gould1834
Tales from Bohemia Robert NeilsonStephens1867
Our Mutual Friend CharlesDickens1812
The Brass Bowl Louis JosephVance1879
Gaspar Ruiz JosephConrad1857
Robert Elsmere Mrs. HumphryWard1851
Scientific American Supplement, No. 401, September 8, 1883Various
The Columbiad JoelBarlow1754
A Columbus of Space Garrett P. (Garrett Putman)Serviss1851
A Strange Discovery Charles RomynDake
The Story of Ab A Tale of the Time of the Cave Man StanleyWaterloo1846
The Woman with the Fan Robert SmytheHichens1864
Two Summers in Guyenne Edward HarrisonBarker1851
Andivius Hedulio Adventures of a Roman Nobleman in the Days of the Empire Edward LucasWhite1866
Common Diseases of Farm Animals D. V. M. R. A.Craig
Tom Grogan Francis HopkinsonSmith1838
Scientific American Supplement, No. 430, March 29, 1884Various
Scientific American Supplement, No. 299, September 24, 1881Various
Shakespeare's Bones C. M. (Clement Mansfield)Ingleby1823
The Story of the Amulet E. (Edith)Nesbit1858
Filipino Popular Tales Dean S.Fansler
The Moon Metal Garrett P. (Garrett Putman)Serviss1851
The Ghost of Guir House Charles WillingBeale
Mr. Hawkins' Humorous Adventures pseud. EdgarFranklin1879
The History of David Grieve Mrs. HumphryWard1851
Oxy-Acetylene Welding and Cutting Electric, Forge and Thermit Welding together with related methods and materials used in meta Harold P.Manly
The Nest Builder Beatrice Forbes RobertsonHale
An American Robinson Crusoe Samuel BuellAllison
Tarzan of the Apes Edgar RiceBurroughs1875
Blindfolded Earle AshleyWalcott1859
When the Sleeper Wakes H. G. (Herbert George)Wells1866
My Novel ? Volume 07 Baron Edward Bulwer LyttonLytton1803
Strange Story, a ? Volume 06 Baron Edward Bulwer LyttonLytton1803
Harold : the Last of the Saxon Kings ? Volume 10 Baron Edward Bulwer LyttonLytton1803
The Moon Pool AbrahamMerritt1884
The Fighting Chance Robert W. (Robert William)Chambers1865
The Duke of Stockbridge EdwardBellamy1850
Anomalies and Curiosities of Medicine
The Adventures of Sally P. G. (Pelham Grenville)Wodehouse1881
Poetical Works of Oliver Wendell Holmes, the ? Complete Oliver WendellHolmes1809
Poetical Works of Oliver Wendell Holmes, the ? Volume 09: the Iron Gate and Other Poems Oliver WendellHolmes1809
Poetical Works of Oliver Wendell Holmes, the ? Volume 07: Songs of Many Seasons Oliver WendellHolmes1809
Jim Davis JohnMasefield1878
The Jewel City BenMacomber
Archibald Malmaison JulianHawthorne1846
Home Lyrics H. S. (Hannah S.)Battersby1887
Business CorrespondenceAnonymous
Autobiographical Sketches ThomasDe Quincey1785
Dreams, Waking Thoughts, and Incidents WilliamBeckford1759
Memories of Canada and Scotland ? Speeches and Verses John Douglas SutherlandCampbell1845
The History of Australian Exploration from 1788 to 1888 ErnestFavenc1845
Memoirs of Sir Wemyss Reid 1842-1885
Gaut Gurley D. P.Thompson1795
Life of Her Most Gracious Majesty the Queen ? Volume 2 SarahTytler1827
The Companions of Jehu AlexandreDumas p re1802
The Treasure of the Incas G. A. (George Alfred)Henty1832
The Spanish Chest Edna AdelaideBrown
Hygienic Physiology : with Special Reference to the Use of Alcoholic Drinks and Narcotics Joel DormanSteele
Missionary Work Among the Ojebway Indians Edward FrancisWilson
Apology of the Augsburg Confession PhilippMelanchthon1497
Shakespeare und die Bacon-Mythen KunoFischer1824
Complete Works of James Whitcomb Riley ? Volume 10 James WhitcombRiley1849
Rime di Tullia d'Aragona, cortigiana del secolo XVI Tullia d Aragona1510