Canoes --(index)--

TitleAuhor's FirstnameSurnamesort iconTimeline
France and England in North America; a Series of Historical Narratives ? Part 3 FrancisParkman1823
The Long Labrador Trail DillonWallace1863
The Forest Stewart EdwardWhite1873
True to the Old Flag A Tale of the American War of Independence G. A. (George Alfred)Henty1832
The Journal of a Mission to the Interior of Africa, in the Year 1805 MungoPark1771
In the Heart of the Rockies G. A. (George Alfred)Henty1832
Life and Travels of Mungo Park in Central Africa MungoPark1771
The Life and Voyages of Christopher Columbus (Volume II) WashingtonIrving1783
The Journals of Lewis and Clark, 1804-1806
What Led to the Discovery of the Source of the Nile John HanningSpeke1827
Canadian Crusoes Catharine ParrTraill1802
Captain Cook's Journal During the First Voyage Round the World JamesCook1728
Journal of an African Cruiser HoratioBridge1806
Crooked Trails FredericRemington1861
Narrative of the Voyages Round the World, Performed by Captain James Cook : with an Account of His Life During the Previous and AndrewKippis1725
The Logbooks of the Lady Nelson With the journal of her first commander Lieutenant James Grant IdaLee1865
Almayer's Folly: a story of an Eastern river JosephConrad1857
The French in the Heart of America JohnFinley1863
The Strange Cabin on Catamount Island Lawrence J.Leslie
Allan Quatermain H. Rider (Henry Rider)Haggard1856
A Trip to Manitoba MaryFitzGibbon1851
Gaut Gurley D. P.Thompson1795
A Half-Century of Conflict - Volume 02 FrancisParkman1823
Metlakahtla and the North Pacific Mission EugeneStock1836
The Prince and Betty P. G. (Pelham Grenville)Wodehouse1881
The Radio Amateur's Hand Book A. Frederick (Archie Frederick)Collins1869
Fantasia of the Unconscious D. H. (David Herbert)Lawrence1885
The Boys of Columbia High on the Gridiron : or, the Struggle for the Silver Cup Graham BForbes
Betty Gordon in Washington pseud. Alice B.Emerson
Tecumseh : a Drama CharlesMair1838
Le Dernier Jour d'un Condamn VictorHugo1802
History of the Revolt of the Netherlands ? Volume 02 Johann Christoph Friedrich vonSchiller1759
Memoir of Fr. Vincent De Paul; religious of La Trappe FatherVincent de Paul1768
Voyages of Samuel De Champlain ? Volume 01 Samuel deChamplain1567
Official Report of the Exploration of the Queen Charlotte Islands for the Government of British Columbia Newton H. (Newton Henry)Chittenden1840
An Introduction to the mortuary customs of the North American Indians H. C. (Harry Cr cy)Yarrow1840
The Life, Adventures & Piracies of the Famous Captain Singleton DanielDefoe1661
The Young Fur Traders R. M. (Robert Michael)Ballantyne1825
Sailing Alone Around the World JoshuaSlocum1844
The Trail of the Sword, Complete GilbertParker1860
The Trail of the Sword, Volume 2 GilbertParker1860
Travels in West Africa Mary H.Kingsley1862
Two Trips to Gorilla Land and the Cataracts of the Congo Volume 2 Sir Richard FrancisBurton1821
Four Months in a Sneak-Box Nathaniel H. (Nathaniel Holmes)Bishop1837
The Further Adventures of Robinson Crusoe DanielDefoe1661
An Inland Voyage Robert LouisStevenson1850
The Maid of the Whispering Hills Vingie E. (Vingie Eve)Roe
Robinson Crusoe DanielDefoe1661
The Ivory Trail TalbotMundy1879
Tom Swift in the Land of Wonders, or, the Underground Search for the Idol of Gold Victor pseud.Appleton
Life of John Coleridge Patteson : Missionary Bishop of the Melanesian Islands Charlotte MaryYonge1823
The Jesuit Missions : A chronicle of the cross in the wilderness Thomas GuthrieMarquis1864
Woman's Way Through Unknown Labrador Mina BensonHubbard1872
Australian Search Party Charles HenryEden
Oak Openings James FenimoreCooper1789
Christopher Columbus and the New World of His Discovery ? Complete FilsonYoung1876
Christopher Columbus and the New World of His Discovery ? Volume 7 FilsonYoung1876
Christopher Columbus and the New World of His Discovery ? Volume 3 FilsonYoung1876
The Mariner of St. Malo : A chronicle of the voyages of Jacques Cartier StephenLeacock1869
Pioneers of France in the New World FrancisParkman1823
The Albert N'Yanza, Great Basin of the Nile Sir Samuel WhiteBaker1821
Legends of Vancouver E. PaulineJohnson1861
The Deerslayer James FenimoreCooper1789
In the Heart of Africa Sir Samuel WhiteBaker1821
The Conquest of New France A chronicle of the colonial wars George McKinnonWrong1860
Early Australian Voyages: Pelsart, Tasman, Dampier JohnPinkerton1758
Wanderings among South Sea Savages and in Borneo and the Philippines H. WilfridWalker
A Popular Account of Dr. Livingstone's Expedition to the Zambesi and its tributaries And of the Discovery of Lakes Shirwa and N DavidLivingstone1813
The Cruise of the Snark JackLondon1876
The Naturalist on the River Amazons Henry WalterBates1825
Over the Rocky Mountains to Alaska Charles WarrenStoddard1843
Voyage of H.M.S. Pandora Despatched to Arrest the Mutineers of the 'Bounty' in the South Seas, 1790-1791
Boy Scouts on Hudson Bay The Disappearing Fleet G. Harvey (George Harvey)Ralphson1879
Old Mackinaw The Fortress of the Lakes and its Surroundings W. P.Strickland
Canoe Boys and Campfires Adventures on Winding Waters William MurrayGraydon
Hudson Bay R. M. (Robert Michael)Ballantyne1825
The Norsemen in the West R. M. (Robert Michael)Ballantyne1825
Man on the Ocean A Book about Boats and Ships R. M. (Robert Michael)Ballantyne1825
Jarwin and Cuffy R. M. (Robert Michael)Ballantyne1825
The Young Fur Traders R. M. (Robert Michael)Ballantyne1825
The Walrus Hunters A Romance of the Realms of Ice R. M. (Robert Michael)Ballantyne1825
Ungava R. M. (Robert Michael)Ballantyne1825
The Red Man's Revenge A Tale of The Red River Flood R. M. (Robert Michael)Ballantyne1825
The Pioneers R. M. (Robert Michael)Ballantyne1825
The Works of Robert Louis Stevenson - Swanston Edition Vol. 1 (of 25) Robert LouisStevenson1850
Masterman Ready The Wreck of the "Pacific" FrederickMarryat1792
French Pathfinders in North America William HenryJohnson
On the Makaloa Mat JackLondon1876
Twice Lost William Henry GilesKingston1814
The Two Supercargoes Adventures in Savage Africa William Henry GilesKingston1814
The Works of Edgar Allan Poe ? Volume 3 Edgar AllanPoe1809
Snow Shoes and Canoes The Early Days of a Fur-Trader in the Hudson Bay Territory William Henry GilesKingston1814
Military Reminiscences of the Civil War, Volume 1 April 1861-November 1863 Jacob DolsonCox1828
Charley Laurel A Story of Adventure by Sea and Land William Henry GilesKingston1814
The Cruise of the Dainty Rovings in the Pacific William Henry GilesKingston1814
The Cruise of the Mary Rose Here and There in the Pacific William Henry GilesKingston1814
Ben Hadden or, Do Right Whatever Comes Of It William Henry GilesKingston1814
Frank on the Lower Mississippi pseud. HarryCastlemon1842
Great African Travellers From Mungo Park to Livingstone and Stanley William Henry GilesKingston1814
Happy Jack and other Tales of the Sea William Henry GilesKingston1814