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Titlesort iconAuhor's FirstnameSurnameTimeline
"'Tis Sixty Years Since" Address of Charles Francis Adams; Founders' Day, January 16, 1913 Charles FrancisAdams1835
The Grand Old Man Richard B.Cook
Freeland A Social Anticipation TheodorHertzka1845
A History of Rome During the Later Republic and Early Principate A. H. J. (Abel Hendy Jones)Greenidge1865
Proportional Representation A Study in Methods of Election John H.Humphreys
Life: Its True Genesis R. W.Wright
Ethics ? Part 2 Benedictus deSpinoza1632
North American Free Trade Agreement, 1992 Oct. 7Canada
Literary Remains, Volume 2 Samuel TaylorColeridge1772
Democracy and Education: an introduction to the philosophy of education JohnDewey1859
Speculations from Political Economy C. B.Clarke1832
Seeing Europe with Famous Authors, Volume 3 France and the Netherlands, Part 1Various
The Mind in the Making The Relation of Intelligence to Social Reform James HarveyRobinson
Pelle the Conqueror ? Volume 04 Martin AndersenNex 1869
Select Speeches of Daniel Webster, 1817-1845 DanielWebster1782
Texas : a Brief Account of the Origin, Progress and Present State of the Colonial Settlements of Texas; Together with an Exposit William H. (William Harris)Wharton1802
Species and Varieties, Their Origin by Mutation Hugo deVries1848
Vestiges of the Natural History of Creation RobertChambers1802
Mankind in the Making H. G. (Herbert George)Wells1866
The Heart of Mid-Lothian, Volume 1 Sir WalterScott1771
Proposed Roads to Freedom Earl Bertrand Arthur William rdRussell31872
The Little Savage FrederickMarryat1792
The Caesars ThomasDe Quincey1785
Theological Essays and Other Papers ? Volume 2 ThomasDe Quincey1785
Lectures and Essays Thomas HenryHuxley1825
The Antiquity of Man Sir CharlesLyell1797
The Communist Manifesto
Maximilian in Mexico Sara YorkeStevenson1847
Religious Reality A. E. J.Rawlinson1884
The Shewing-up of Blanco Posnet George BernardShaw1856
Considerations on Representative Government John StuartMill1806
The Corporation of London, Its Rights and Privileges William FerneleyAllen
A Defence of Poetry and Other Essays Percy ByssheShelley1792
Darwiniana; Essays and Reviews Pertaining to Darwinism AsaGray1810
State of the Union Address (1790-2001)United States. Presidents.
State of the Union Address Dwight D. (Dwight David)Eisenhower1890
State of the Union Address Franklin DelanoRoosevelt1882
State of the Union Address Harry S.Truman1884
State of the Union Address WilliamMcKinley1843
State of the Union Address TheodoreRoosevelt1858
State of the Union Address William H.Taft1857
State of the Union Address GroverCleveland1837
State of the Union Address BenjaminHarrison1833
State of the Union Address Ulysses S. (Ulysses Simpson)Grant1822
State of the Union Address Rutherford BirchardHayes1822
State of the Union Address JamesBuchanan1791
State of the Union Address AbrahamLincoln1809
State of the Union Address James K. (James Knox)Polk1795
State of the Union Address FranklinPierce1804
State of the Union Address JamesMadison1751
State of the Union Address JamesMonroe1758
State of the Union Address AndrewJackson1767
State of the Union Address MartinVan Buren1782
State of the Union Address JohnTyler1790
Three Dialogues Between Hylas and Philonous GeorgeBerkeley1685
A Treatise Concerning the Principles of Human Knowledge GeorgeBerkeley1685
The Kingdom of God Is Within You graf LeoTolstoy1828
Story of Creation as Told By Theology and By Science T. S. (Thomas Suter)Ackland1817
The Fight for the Republic in China Bertram LenoxSimpson1877
The Critique of Pure Reason ImmanuelKant1724
Sir Thomas More, or, Colloquies on the Progress and Prospects of Society RobertSouthey1774
First and Last Things H. G. (Herbert George)Wells1866
From Ritual to Romance Jessie LaidlayWeston1850
Ethics Benedictus deSpinoza1632
Landholding in England of Youghal the younger JosephFisher
Bernard Shaw's Preface to Major Barbara George BernardShaw1856
The Student's Elements of Geology Sir CharlesLyell1797
Geological Observations on South America CharlesDarwin1809
Complete Project Gutenberg Abraham Lincoln Writings AbrahamLincoln1809
The Cleveland Era; a chronicle of the new order in politics Henry JonesFord1851
Evolution and Ethics Thomas HenryHuxley1825
Geological Contemporaniety and Persistent Types of Life Thomas HenryHuxley1825
Origin of Species Thomas HenryHuxley1825
The Writings of Abraham Lincoln ? Volume 7: 1863-1865 AbrahamLincoln1809
The Writings of Abraham Lincoln - Volume 5 AbrahamLincoln1809
The Writings of Abraham Lincoln ? Volume 6: 1862-1863 AbrahamLincoln1809
Lectures on Evolution Thomas HenryHuxley1825
The Rise and Progress of Palaeontology Thomas HenryHuxley1825
The Continental Monthly, Vol. 5, No. 5, May, 1864 Devoted To Literature And National PolicyVarious
On the Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection or the Preservation of Favoured Races in the Struggle for Life. (2nd edi CharlesDarwin1809
Socialism A Summary and Interpretation of Socialist Principles JohnSpargo1876
The Foundations of the Origin of Species Two Essays written in 1842 and 1844 CharlesDarwin1809
Contributions to the Theory of Natural Selection A Series of Essays Alfred RusselWallace1823
Recollections of Forty Years in the House, Senate and Cabinet An Autobiography. JohnSherman
The Continental Monthly, Vol. 4, No. 1, July, 1863 Devoted to Literature and National PolicyVarious
Historical Sketches, Volume I (of 3) The Turks in Their Relation to Europe; Marcus Tullius Cicero; Apollonius of Tyana; Primiti John HenryNewman1801
Folklore as an Historical Science George LaurenceGomme
Monopolies and the People Charles WhitingBaker
The Story of Atlantis and the Lost Lemuria W.Scott Elliot
Scottish Cathedrals and Abbeys
Anarchism and Other Essays EmmaGoldman1869
A Record of Buddhistic kingdoms: being an account by the Chinese monk Fa-hsien of travels in India and Ceylon (A.D. 399-414) in ca. ca.Faxian337
The Journal of Negro History, Volume 3, 1918Various
English Past and Present Richard ChevenixTrench
On the Genesis of Species St. GeorgeMivart
Socialism As It Is A Survey of The World-Wide Revolutionary Movement William EnglishWalling
Short Studies on Great Subjects James AnthonyFroude1818
Lamarck, the Founder of Evolution His Life and Work Alpheus SpringPackard
The American Republic : constitution, tendencies and destiny Orestes AugustusBrownson1803
The Nation's River A report on the Potomac from the U.S. Department of the InteriorUnited States. Dept. of the Interior.