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Titlesort iconAuhor's FirstnameSurnameTimeline
The Indian Lily and Other Stories HermannSudermann1857
Punchinello, Volume 1, No. 06, May 7, 1870Various
Punchinello, Volume 1, No. 08, May 21, 1870Various
The Torrents of Spring Ivan SergeevichTurgenev1818
In the Sargasso Sea A Novel Thomas A. (Thomas Allibone)Janvier1849
Punchinello, Volume 1, No. 17, July 23, 1870Various
The Amateur Gentleman JefferyFarnol1878
Humoresque A Laugh on Life with a Tear Behind It FannieHurst1889
Master and Man graf LeoTolstoy1828
The Long Labrador Trail DillonWallace1863
Tanglewood Tales NathanielHawthorne1804
The Highwayman H. C. (Henry Christopher)Bailey1878
The Secret Agent; a Simple Tale JosephConrad1857
The Devil's Dictionary AmbroseBierce1842
Martin Chuzzlewit CharlesDickens1812
Nicholas Nickleby CharlesDickens1812
A Child-World James WhitcombRiley1849
With Trapper Jim in the North Woods Lawrence J.Leslie
Little Dorrit CharlesDickens1812
Buried Cities, Volume 2 Olympia JennieHall
Who Can Be Happy and Free in Russia? Nikolai AlekseevichNekrasov1821
The Tin Woodman of Oz L. Frank (Lyman Frank)Baum1856
The Lost Princess of Oz L. Frank (Lyman Frank)Baum1856
The Scarecrow of Oz L. Frank (Lyman Frank)Baum1856
Punchinello, Volume 1, No. 03, April 16, 1870Various
The Cruise of the Dry Dock T. S.Stribling1881
The Patchwork Girl of Oz L. Frank (Lyman Frank)Baum1856
Concerning Cats My Own and Some Others Helen M.Winslow
The Dog WilliamYouatt1776
The Under Dog Francis HopkinsonSmith1838
The Voyage of the Beagle CharlesDarwin1809
Legends of the Gods The Egyptian Texts, edited with Translations E. A. WallisBudge1857
Helen of the Old House Harold BellWright1872
A Nonsense Anthology
The Forest Stewart EdwardWhite1873
Welsh Fairy Tales William ElliotGriffis1843
Johnny Bear And Other Stories from Lives of the Hunted Ernest ThompsonSeton1860
More Bab Ballads Sir W. S. (William Schwenck)Gilbert1836
Ranald Bannerman's Boyhood GeorgeMacDonald1824
The Lamplighter; a farce in one act CharlesDickens1812
Barnaby Rudge: a tale of the Riots of 'eighty CharlesDickens1812
The Three Cities Trilogy, Complete Lourdes, Rome and Paris mileZola1840
Sketches of Young Couples CharlesDickens1812
The Uncommercial Traveller CharlesDickens1812
Mudfog and Other Sketches CharlesDickens1812
Tom Sawyer Abroad MarkTwain1835
White Fang JackLondon1876
Thoroughbreds William AlexanderFraser1859
What Katy Did SusanCoolidge1835
Scientific American Supplement, No. 385, May 19, 1883Various
With Edged Tools Henry SetonMerriman1862
Dream Tales and Prose Poems Ivan SergeevichTurgenev1818
Popular Tales from the Norse George WebbeDasent1817
England, My England D. H. (David Herbert)Lawrence1885
A Rough Shaking GeorgeMacDonald1824
Lazy Tour of Two Idle Apprentices
A Desperate Character and Other Stories Ivan SergeevichTurgenev1818
Miss Theodosia's Heartstrings Annie HamiltonDonnell1862
Our Mutual Friend CharlesDickens1812
Sketches by Boz, illustrative of everyday life and every-day people CharlesDickens1812
Reprinted Pieces CharlesDickens1812
The Eleven Comedies, Volume 1Aristophanes446
The Story of Ab A Tale of the Time of the Cave Man StanleyWaterloo1846
L'Assommoir mileZola1840
A Sportsman's Sketches Works of Ivan Turgenev, Volume I Ivan SergeevichTurgenev1818
Auld Licht Idyls J. M. (James Matthew)Barrie1860
Roughing It, Part 1. MarkTwain1835
Stage-Land Jerome K. (Jerome Klapka)Jerome1859
Charles O'Malley ? Volume 1 Charles JamesLever1806
Evergreens Jerome K. (Jerome Klapka)Jerome1859
Dreams Jerome K. (Jerome Klapka)Jerome1859
L'Assommoir mileZola1840
Why Worry? George LincolnWalton1854
The Woman with the Fan Robert SmytheHichens1864
Two Summers in Guyenne Edward HarrisonBarker1851
Hormones and Heredity J. T.Cunningham1859
The Three Cities Trilogy: Lourdes, Complete mileZola1840
The Three Cities Trilogy: Lourdes, Volume 4 mileZola1840
The Three Cities Trilogy: Lourdes, Volume 5 mileZola1840
The Three Cities Trilogy: Lourdes, Volume 1 mileZola1840
In Exile and Other Stories Mary HallockFoote1847
Tom Grogan Francis HopkinsonSmith1838
Idle Thoughts of an Idle Fellow Jerome K. (Jerome Klapka)Jerome1859
Men in War AndreasLatzko1876
The Path of Life Stijn pseud. Streuvels1871
The Vagabond and Other Poems from Punch R. C.Lehmann1856
The Mountebank William JohnLocke1863
The Journals of Lewis and Clark, 1804-1806
What Led to the Discovery of the Source of the Nile John HanningSpeke1827
Forest & Frontiers G. A. (George Alfred)Henty1832
Lorna Doone; a Romance of Exmoor R. D. (Richard Doddridge)Blackmore1825
The Gentleman A Romance of the Sea AlfredOllivant1874
Hunger KnutHamsun1859
Selected Polish Tales
The Story of the Amulet E. (Edith)Nesbit1858
The Gray Brethren and Other Fragments in Prose and Verse MichaelFairless1869
Dombey and Son CharlesDickens1812
Gargantua and Pantagruel, Illustrated, Book 2 Fran oisRabelais1483
Gargantua and Pantagruel, Illustrated, Book 4 Fran oisRabelais1483
Modern Painting George (George Augustus)Moore1852