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Titlesort iconAuhor's FirstnameSurnameTimeline
The Second William Penn A true account of incidents that happened along the old Santa Fe Trail William H.Ryus1839
Tom Swift and His Big Tunnel, or, the Hidden City of the Andes Victor pseud.Appleton
Cleveland Past and Present Its Representative Men
My Double Life The Memoirs of Sarah Bernhardt SarahBernhardt1845
Abraham Lincoln's First Inaugural Address AbrahamLincoln1809
Report on the Condition of the South CarlSchurz1829
Roughing It, Part 2. MarkTwain1835
Tom Grogan Francis HopkinsonSmith1838
The Vagabond and Other Poems from Punch R. C.Lehmann1856
The Mountebank William JohnLocke1863
The Short Line WarMerwin Webster
Under the Skylights Henry BlakeFuller1857
Catalan's Constant to 1,500,000 Places
Moral Philosophy S. J. Joseph Rickaby1845
All-Wool Morrison Holman (Holman Francis)Day1865
What Will He Do with It ? Volume 08 Baron Edward Bulwer LyttonLytton1803
Select Speeches of Daniel Webster, 1817-1845 DanielWebster1782
One Divided By pi (to 1 million digits) YasumasaKanada
The Golden Mean
Grisly Grisell Charlotte MaryYonge1823
Life at High Tide
Elder Conklin and Other Stories FrankHarris1856
Hygienic Physiology : with Special Reference to the Use of Alcoholic Drinks and Narcotics Joel DormanSteele
The 32nd Mersenne Prime Predicted by Mersenne DavidSlowinski
The Gold Bat P. G. (Pelham Grenville)Wodehouse1881
Catalan's Constant [Ramanujan's Formula] GregFee
Don Carlos Johann Christoph Friedrich vonSchiller1759
Dave Dashaway and His Hydroplane RoyRockwood
Great Fortunes from Railroads GustavusMyers1872
Little Journeys to the Homes of the Great - Volume 09 Little Journeys to the Homes of Great Reformers ElbertHubbard1856
The Golden Mean or Ratio[(1+sqrt(5))/2]
The Pomp of the Lavilettes, Volume 1 GilbertParker1860
Business Hints for Men and Women Alfred RochefortCalhoun
The Romance and Tragedy William IngrahamRussell
The Long Chance Peter B. (Peter Bernard)Kyne1880
Chapters of Opera Being historical and critical observations and records concerning the lyric drama in New York from its earlie Henry EdwardKrehbiel1854
The Institutes of Justinian
Hidden Treasure John ThomasSimpson
Sketches New and Old, Part 2. MarkTwain1835
The Moneychangers UptonSinclair1878
The Gilded Age, Part 6.
The Gilded Age, Part 2.
They Call Me Carpenter UptonSinclair1878
Cappy Ricks Peter B. (Peter Bernard)Kyne1880
The Valley of the Giants Peter B. (Peter Bernard)Kyne1880
Getting Married George BernardShaw1856
Guns of the Gods TalbotMundy1879
Dr. Jonathan WinstonChurchill1871
Tales and Novels of J. de La Fontaine ? Volume 24 Jean deLa Fontaine1621
Tales from the Arabic ? Volume 02 JohnPayne1842
The Purcell Papers ? Volume 2 Joseph SheridanLe Fanu1814
Love, the Fiddler LloydOsbourne1868
The Story of the Pony Express Glenn D. (Glenn Danford)Bradley1884
The Great War Syndicate Frank RichardStockton1834
Diary of Samuel Pepys ? Complete 1668 N.S. SamuelPepys1633
Diary of Samuel Pepys ? Volume 68: September/October 1668 SamuelPepys1633
Diary of Samuel Pepys ? Complete 1664 N.S. SamuelPepys1633
Diary of Samuel Pepys ? Volume 31: October/November 1664 SamuelPepys1633
Diary of Samuel Pepys ? Volume 29: June/July 1664 SamuelPepys1633
Diary of Samuel Pepys ? Complete 1663 N.S. SamuelPepys1633
Diary of Samuel Pepys ? Volume 24: September/October 1663 SamuelPepys1633
Confessions of J. J. Rousseau, the ? Volume 11 Jean JacquesRousseau1712
A Daughter of the Land GeneStratton Porter1863
The Girl from Keller's HaroldBindloss1866
History of the Mackenzies, with genealogies of the principal families of the name AlexanderMackenzie1833
What is Property? P. J. (Pierre Joseph)Proudhon-1809
The Essays of Montaigne ? Volume 15 Michel deMontaigne1533
The Americanization of Edward Bok : the autobiography of a Dutch boy fifty years after Edward WilliamBok1863
Merton of the Movies Harry LeonWilson1867
Quotations from the Project Gutenberg Editions of the Works of Mark Twain MarkTwain1835
John Marshall and the Constitution; a chronicle of the Supreme court Edward SamuelCorwin1878
Leviathan ThomasHobbes1588
Mark Twain's Letters ? Volume 3 (1876-1885) MarkTwain1835
Mark Twain's Letters ? Volume 2 (1867-1875) MarkTwain1835
The Armies of Labor A chronicle of the organized wage-earners Samuel PeterOrth1873
Mark Twain, a Biography ? Volume II, Part 1: 1886-1900 Albert BigelowPaine1861
Mark Twain, a Biography ? Volume I, Part 2: 1835-1866 Albert BigelowPaine1861
Dubliners JamesJoyce1882
Derues Celebrated Crimes AlexandreDumas p re1802
The First 1000 Euler Numbers
The Value of Zeta(3) to 1,000,000 places
The Ancient Regime HippolyteTaine1828
The Lani People Jesse F. (Jesse Franklin)Bone1916
The Movements and Habits of Climbing Plants CharlesDarwin1809
The Circus Boys on the Plains : or, the Young Advance Agents Ahead of the Show Edgar B. P.Darlington
The Common Law Oliver WendellHolmes Jr.1841
The Path of the Law Oliver WendellHolmes Jr.1841
Meeting of the Board Alan EdwardNourse
The False Chevalier or, The Lifeguard of Marie Antoinette William DouwLighthall
The Story of the First Trans-Continental Railroad Its Projectors, Construction and History W. F.Bailey
An Essay on Professional Ethics Second Edition GeorgeSharswood
A Woman for Mayor A Novel of To-day Helen M.Winslow
How to Write Letters (Formerly The Book of Letters) A Complete Guide to Correct Business and Personal Correspondence Mary OwensCrowther
The Repairman HarryHarrison
Recollections of Forty Years in the House, Senate and Cabinet An Autobiography. JohnSherman
We Three GouverneurMorris1876
The House An Episode in the Lives of Reuben Baker, Astronomer, and of His Wife, Alice EugeneField1850
Chambers's Edinburgh Journal, No. 447 Volume 18, New Series, July 24, 1852Various
The Journal of Negro History, Volume 4, 1919Various
Lucretia Borgia According to Original Documents and Correspondence of Her Day FerdinandGregorovius