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Titlesort iconAuhor's FirstnameSurnameTimeline
Observations G?ologiques sur les ?les Volcaniques CharlesDarwin1809
Scientific American Supplement, No. 497, July 11, 1885Various
The Dog WilliamYouatt1776
Scientific American Supplement, No. 447, July 26, 1884Various
P.'s Correspondence (From "Mosses from an Old Manse") NathanielHawthorne1804
Ethics ? Part 2 Benedictus deSpinoza1632
Monism as Connecting Religion and Science A Man of Science Ernst Heinrich Philipp AugustHaeckel1834
Ethics ? Part 1 Benedictus deSpinoza1632
A Study of Association in Insanity Grace HelenKent
The Mysterious Island JulesVerne1828
The Literary Remains of Samuel Taylor Coleridge
Scientific American, Volume 22, No. 1, January 1, 1870 A Weekly Journal of Practical Information, Art, Science, Mechanics, ChemVarious
An Essay on the Evils of Popular Ignorance JohnFoster1770
The System of Nature, Volume 1 baron d Paul Henri ThiryHolbach1723
The System of Nature, Volume 2 baron d Paul Henri ThiryHolbach1723
The Atlantic Monthly, Volume 02, No. 08, June 1858Various
Scientific American Supplement, No. 384, May 12, 1883Various
The Divine Comedy by Dante, Illustrated, Paradise, Volume 1Dante Alighieri1265
The Divine Comedy by Dante, Illustrated, Paradise, Volume 3Dante Alighieri1265
Scientific American Supplement, No. 401, September 8, 1883Various
Scientific American Supplement, No. 362, December 9, 1882Various
The Face and the Mask RobertBarr1850
Among My Books First Series James RussellLowell1819
Freedom Talks No. II M.D. JuliaSeton
Scientific American Supplement, No. 288, July 9, 1881Various
Theory of the Leisure Class ThorsteinVeblen1857
The Bible, Douay-Rheims, Book 01: Genesis The Challoner Revision
Scientific American Supplement, No. 286, June 25, 1881Various
The Sceptics of the Old Testament: Job - Koheleth - Agur Emile JosephDillon1854
Acetylene, the Principles of Its Generation and Use
In Ghostly Japan LafcadioHearn1850
The Vitamine Manual Walter H.Eddy
Synthetic Tannins GeorgGrasser
Kaksi Theodolinda (Sofia Theodolinda)Hahnsson1838
House of the Seven Gables NathanielHawthorne1804
My Novel ? Volume 10 Baron Edward Bulwer LyttonLytton1803
My Novel ? Volume 04 Baron Edward Bulwer LyttonLytton1803
Anomalies and Curiosities of Medicine
The Koran (Al-Qur'an)
Tropic Days E. J. (Edmund James)Banfield1852
The Vedanta-Sutras with the Commentary by Ramanuja ? Sacred Books of the East, Volume 48
The Two Paths JohnRuskin1819
Doctor Grimshawe's Secret ? a Romance NathanielHawthorne1804
My Tropic Isle E. J. (Edmund James)Banfield1852
Science & Education Thomas HenryHuxley1825
The Prospective Mother, a Handbook for Women During Pregnancy J. Morris (Josiah Morris)Slemons1876
Vestiges of the Natural History of Creation RobertChambers1802
Pages from a Journal with Other Papers MarkRutherford1831
Personal Narrative of Travels to the Equinoctial Regions of America, During the Year 1799-1804 ? Volume 2 Alexander vonHumboldt1769
Hygienic Physiology : with Special Reference to the Use of Alcoholic Drinks and Narcotics Joel DormanSteele
Little Memoirs of the Nineteenth Century GeorgePaston
The Bobbsey Twins at the Seashore Laura LeeHope
The Heart of Mid-Lothian, Volume 2 Sir WalterScott1771
The Heart of Mid-Lothian, Volume 1 Sir WalterScott1771
The Radio Amateur's Hand Book A. Frederick (Archie Frederick)Collins1869
The Character and Influence of the Indian Trade in Wisconsin Frederick JacksonTurner1861
Army Letters from an Officer's Wife, 1871-1888 Frances Marie Antoinette MackRoe
Through Space to Mars Or the Longest Journey on Record RoyRockwood
Unconscious Memory SamuelButler1835
American Woman's Home
Advice to a Mother on the Management of Her Children Pye HenryChavasse1810
Deductive Logic St. George William JosephStock1850
Mediaeval Lore from Bartholomew Anglicus RobertSteele1860
A Modern Utopia H. G. (Herbert George)Wells1866
Lectures and Essays Thomas HenryHuxley1825
The Story of the Odyssey Rev. Alfred J.Church1829
The Note-Books of Samuel Butler SamuelButler1835
Japan: an Attempt at Interpretation LafcadioHearn1850
Religio Medici, Hydriotaphia, and the Letter to a Friend Sir ThomasBrowne1605
The Poems of Sidney Lanier SidneyLanier1842
Insectivorous Plants CharlesDarwin1809
The Fairy-Land of Science Arabella B.Buckley1840
The Harvard Classics Volume 38 Scientific Papers (Physiology, Medicine, Surgery, Geology)Various
Man or Matter ErnstLehrs
The Advancement of Learning FrancisBacon1561
The Physiology of TasteBrillat Savarin1755
Mosses from an Old Manse and other stories NathanielHawthorne1804
Pragmatism WilliamJames1842
Ragnarok : the Age of Fire and Gravel IgnatiusDonnelly1831
Luck or Cunning? SamuelButler1835
The Blind Spot
She Stands Accused VictorMacClure1887
Three Dialogues Between Hylas and Philonous GeorgeBerkeley1685
A Treatise Concerning the Principles of Human Knowledge GeorgeBerkeley1685
A Treatise of Human Nature DavidHume1711
The Ethics of the Dust JohnRuskin1819
Light, Life, and Love : selections from the German mystics of the middle ages William RalphInge1860
The Good Time Coming T. S. (Timothy Shay)Arthur1809
Mont-Saint-Michel and Chartres HenryAdams1838
Familiar Letters on Chemistry Justus Freiherr vonLiebig1803
The Life of the Bee MauriceMaeterlinck1862
The Selections from the Principles of Philosophy Ren Descartes1596
The Vital Message Sir Arthur ConanDoyle1859
The Critique of Pure Reason ImmanuelKant1724
On the Economy of Machinery and Manufactures CharlesBabbage1792
Volpone; Or, the Fox BenJonson1573
Ethics Benedictus deSpinoza1632
An Introduction to Chemical Science Rufus PhillipsWilliams1851
Essays Before a Sonata CharlesIves1874
Science and Health, with Key to the Scriptures Mary BakerEddy1821