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Bearing --(index)--

Titlesort iconAuhor's FirstnameSurnameTimeline
France and England in North America; a Series of Historical Narratives ? Part 3 FrancisParkman1823
Yorkshire GordonHome1878
Explorations in Australia, Illustrated, JohnForrest1847
Journal of an Expedition into the Interior of Tropical Australia ThomasMitchell1792
Excursions Henry DavidThoreau1817
Martin Conisby's Vengeance JefferyFarnol1878
Stones of Venice [introductions] JohnRuskin1819
In the Valley HaroldFrederic1856
Leila or, the Siege of Granada, Complete Baron Edward Bulwer LyttonLytton1803
Leila or, the Siege of Granada, Book II. Baron Edward Bulwer LyttonLytton1803
Micah Clarke His Statement as made to his three grandchildren Joseph, Gervas and Reuben During the Hard Winter of 1734 Sir Arthur ConanDoyle1859
Understanding the Scriptures FrancisMcConnell
Hetty's Strange HistoryAnonymous
Villette CharlotteBront 1816
Ruggles of Red Gap Harry LeonWilson1867
The Non-Christian Cross An Enquiry into the Origin and History of the Symbol Eventually Adopted as That of Our Religion John DenhamParsons
The White Company Sir Arthur ConanDoyle1859
Scientific American Supplement, No. 385, May 19, 1883Various
Zenobia or, the Fall of Palmyra WilliamWare1797
England, My England D. H. (David Herbert)Lawrence1885
Explorations in Australia The Journals of John McDouall Stuart John McDouallStuart1815
Wild Flowers Worth Knowing NeltjeBlanchan1865
The Last Galley Impressions and Tales Impressions and Tales Sir Arthur ConanDoyle1859
The English Governess at the Siamese Court Being Recollections of Six Years in the Royal Palace at Bangkok Anna HarrietteLeonowens1834
Woman and the New Race MargaretSanger1883
Val d'Arno JohnRuskin1819
Black Rebellion Five Slave Revolts Thomas WentworthHigginson1823
The Subterranean Brotherhood JulianHawthorne1846
Lorna Doone; a Romance of Exmoor R. D. (Richard Doddridge)Blackmore1825
Expositions of Holy Scripture: St. John Chaps. XV to XXI AlexanderMaclaren1826
Theory of the Leisure Class ThorsteinVeblen1857
The Argonautica c. rd cent. B.C. ApolloniusRhodius3
Ivanhoe Sir WalterScott1771
Glimpses of Unfamiliar Japan First Series LafcadioHearn1850
Captain Cook's Journal During the First Voyage Round the World JamesCook1728
Expositions of Holy Scripture St. Mark AlexanderMaclaren1826
The Mystery of Cloomber Sir Arthur ConanDoyle1859
When the Sleeper Wakes H. G. (Herbert George)Wells1866
What Will He Do with It ? Volume 10 Baron Edward Bulwer LyttonLytton1803
Kenelm Chillingly ? Volume 04 Baron Edward Bulwer LyttonLytton1803
Hans Brinker; or, the Silver Skates Mary MapesDodge1831
The Logbooks of the Lady Nelson With the journal of her first commander Lieutenant James Grant IdaLee1865
An Account of Sa-Go-Ye-Wat-Ha, or Red Jacket, and His People, 1750-1830 John NilesHubbard1815
The Nibelungenlied Translated into Rhymed English Verse in the Metre of the Original
Reflections and Comments 1865-1895 Edwin LawrenceGodkin1831
Species and Varieties, Their Origin by Mutation Hugo deVries1848
The Prince and the Pauper, Part 5. MarkTwain1835
Venetian Life William DeanHowells1837
How to Live a Holy Life Charles EbertOrr
The Lord of the Sea M. P. (Matthew Phipps)Shiel1865
Hawthorne and His Circle JulianHawthorne1846
The Boy Aviators' Polar Dash or Facing Death in the Antarctic John HenryGoldfrap1879
Four Canadian Highwaymen J. E. (Joseph Edmund)Collins1855
The Poems of Schiller ? First period Johann Christoph Friedrich vonSchiller1759
A Domestic Problem : Work and Culture in the Household Mrs. Abby MortonDiaz1821
Waverley Novels ? Volume 12 Sir WalterScott1771
Voyages of Samuel De Champlain ? Volume 01 Samuel deChamplain1567
The Sculpture and Mural Decorations of the Exposition A Pictorial Survey of the Art of the Panama-Pacific international exposit Stella George SternPerry1877
Poems and Songs Bj rnstjerneBj rnson1832
A Treatise on the Six-Nation Indians J. B. (James Bovell)Mackenzie1851
On the Study of Words Richard CTrench1807
The Dynamiter
The Abbot Sir WalterScott1771
John Keble's Parishes Charlotte MaryYonge1823
The Luck of Roaring Camp and Other Tales BretHarte1836
The Antiquity of Man Sir CharlesLyell1797
Michel and Angele ? Complete GilbertParker1860
Michel and Angele ? Volume 2 GilbertParker1860
The Greek View of Life Goldsworthy LowesDickinson1862
A Princess of Mars Edgar RiceBurroughs1875
Success with Small Fruits Edward PaysonRoe1838
The Roots of the Mountains; Wherein Is Told Somewhat of the Lives of the Men of Burgdale WilliamMorris1834
Journeys Through Bookland ? Volume 3 Charles HerbertSylvester
The Power of Movement in Plants
Barbara Blomberg ? Complete GeorgEbers1837
Joshua ? Complete GeorgEbers1837
Joshua ? Volume 3 GeorgEbers1837
The Home Acre Edward PaysonRoe1838
The Ne'er-Do-Well Rex EllingwoodBeach1877
Farmers of Forty Centuries; Or, Permanent Agriculture in China, Korea, and Japan F. H. (Franklin Hiram)King1848
Journals of Two Expeditions into the Interior of New South Wales JohnOxley1781
The Chaplet of Pearls Charlotte MaryYonge1823
The Satyricon ? CompletePetronius Arbiter20
The Shuttle Frances HodgsonBurnett1849
Expedition into Central Australia CharlesSturt1795
The Heart's Secret; Or, the Fortunes of a Soldier: a Story of Love and the Low Latitudes. Maturin MurrayBallou1820
The Age of Chivalry ThomasBulfinch1796
The Age of Fable ThomasBulfinch1796
Wacousta : a tale of the Pontiac conspiracy (Complete) JohnRichardson1796
Wacousta : a tale of the Pontiac conspiracy ? Volume 3 JohnRichardson1796
Strong as Death Guy deMaupassant1850
Theocritus Bion and Moschus Rendered into English Prose
Unknown to History: a story of the captivity of Mary of Scotland Charlotte MaryYonge1823
Europe Revised Irvin S. (Irvin Shrewsbury)Cobb1876
Narrative of the Overland Expedition of the Messrs. Jardine from Rockhampton to Cape York, Northern Queensland FrankJardine1841
The Tale of Chloe GeorgeMeredith1828
Celt and Saxon ? Complete GeorgeMeredith1828
Celt and Saxon ? Volume 2 GeorgeMeredith1828
The Amazing Marriage ? Complete GeorgeMeredith1828
The Amazing Marriage ? Volume 4 GeorgeMeredith1828