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Brain --(index)--

Titlesort iconAuhor's FirstnameSurnameTimeline
The poetical works of George MacDonald in two volumes ? Volume 2 GeorgeMacDonald1824
The Centaur AlgernonBlackwood1869
Hauntings VernonLee1856
Ballads of a Bohemian Robert W. (Robert William)Service1874
The Atlantic Monthly, Volume 10, No. 59, September, 1862Various
K Mary RobertsRinehart1876
Java Head JosephHergesheimer1880
City of Endless Night Milo M. (Milo Milton)Hastings1884
Peter Ibbetson GeorgeDu Maurier1834
The Price of Things ElinorGlyn1864
The Four Faces A Mystery WilliamLe Queux1864
Harrigan MaxBrand1892
Lyrical Ballads 1798
The Monster Men Edgar RiceBurroughs1875
Georgian Poetry 1916-17 Edited by Sir Edward Howard MarshVarious
Honore de Balzac, His Life and Writings Mary F. (Mary Frances)Sandars1864
The poetical works of George MacDonald in two volumes ? Volume 1 GeorgeMacDonald1824
The Trespasser D. H. (David Herbert)Lawrence1885
The Atlantic Monthly, Volume 05, No. 32, June, 1860Various
Georgian Poetry 1911-12Various
The Dog WilliamYouatt1776
The Lovels of Arden M. E. (Mary Elizabeth)Braddon1835
The Atlantic Monthly, Volume 05, No. 31, May, 1860Various
His Hour ElinorGlyn1864
The Call of the Twentieth Century An Address to Young Men David StarrJordan1851
The Further Adventures of Jimmie Dale Frank L. (Frank Lucius)Packard1877
Green Mansions: a romance of the tropical forest W. H. (William Henry)Hudson1841
Songs of a Savoyard Sir W. S. (William Schwenck)Gilbert1836
P.'s Correspondence (From "Mosses from an Old Manse") NathanielHawthorne1804
Monism as Connecting Religion and Science A Man of Science Ernst Heinrich Philipp AugustHaeckel1834
Stephen Archer and Other Tales GeorgeMacDonald1824
Wilfrid Cumbermede GeorgeMacDonald1824
Youth: Its Education, Regimen, and Hygiene G. StanleyHall1846
My Double Life The Memoirs of Sarah Bernhardt SarahBernhardt1845
Weighed and Wanting GeorgeMacDonald1824
Robert Browning: How to Know Him William LyonPhelps1865
Sanine Mikhail PetrovichArtzybashev1878
Her Father's Daughter GeneStratton Porter1863
Lady Audley's Secret M. E. (Mary Elizabeth)Braddon1835
Adela Cathcart, Volume 3 GeorgeMacDonald1824
With Edged Tools Henry SetonMerriman1862
Lessons in Life A Series of Familiar Essays TimothyTitcomb
The Portent & Other Stories GeorgeMacDonald1824
The System of Nature, Volume 1 baron d Paul Henri ThiryHolbach1723
The System of Nature, Volume 2 baron d Paul Henri ThiryHolbach1723
Lyrical Ballads, with Other Poems, 1800, Volume 1 WilliamWordsworth1770
The Atlantic Monthly, Volume 02, No. 08, June 1858Various
A Fleece of Gold; Five Lessons from the Fable of Jason and the Golden Fleece Charles StewartGiven
Kokoro Japanese Inner Life Hints LafcadioHearn1850
There & Back GeorgeMacDonald1824
Authors and Friends AnnieFields1834
Life in the Iron-Mills; or, the Korl Woman Rebecca HardingDavis1831
The Last Galley Impressions and Tales Impressions and Tales Sir Arthur ConanDoyle1859
The Three Cities Trilogy: Rome, Volume 5 mileZola1840
A Columbus of Space Garrett P. (Garrett Putman)Serviss1851
A Strange Discovery Charles RomynDake
The Early Poems of Alfred Lord Tennyson Alfred LordTennyson1809
Poetical Works CharlesChurchill1731
Art of Money Getting P. T.Barnum1810
The Sisters-In-Law Gertrude Franklin HornAtherton1857
Maintaining Health Formerly Health and Efficiency R. L.Alsaker
The Evolution of Man Scientifically Disproved In 50 Arguments William A. (William Asbury)Williams1854
Among My Books First Series James RussellLowell1819
Common Diseases of Farm Animals D. V. M. R. A.Craig
Scientific American Supplement, No. 358, November 11, 1882Various
Ghost Stories of an Antiquary M. R. (Montague Rhodes)James1862
The Poems of Henry Timrod HenryTimrod1828
Between Friends Robert W. (Robert William)Chambers1865
Men in War AndreasLatzko1876
The Mountebank William JohnLocke1863
Scientific American Supplement, No. 299, September 24, 1881Various
Hunger KnutHamsun1859
Lectures of Col. R. G. Ingersoll - Latest R. G. (Robert Green)Ingersoll1833
Alton Locke, Tailor and Poet An Autobiography CharlesKingsley1819
A Study of Poetry BlissPerry1860
Remarks BillNye1850
Poems of Coleridge
A Modern Instance William DeanHowells1837
India's Love Lyrics LaurenceHope1865
The History of the Telephone Herbert NewtonCasson1869
The Jargon File, Version 4.0.0, 24 Jul 1996Various
Gargantua and Pantagruel, Illustrated, Book 1 Fran oisRabelais1483
My Man Jeeves P. G. (Pelham Grenville)Wodehouse1881
Lectures of Col. R. G. Ingersoll, Volume I Including His Answers to the Clergy, His Oration at His Brother's Grave, Etc., Etc. R. G. (Robert Green)Ingersoll1833
The Cathedral Sir HughWalpole1884
A Traveller in Little Things W. H. (William Henry)Hudson1841
Lying Prophets EdenPhillpotts1862
Married AugustStrindberg1849
Parisians in the Country Honor deBalzac1799
Heart and Science A Story of the Present Time WilkieCollins1824
The Red One JackLondon1876
An Ambitious Man Ella WheelerWilcox1855
The Avalanche Gertrude Franklin HornAtherton1857
Toward the Gulf Edgar LeeMasters1868
Boyhood in Norway Hjalmar HjorthBoyesen1848
The Deluge David GrahamPhillips1867
The Lost City Jr Joseph E.Badger1848
Hereward, the Last of the English CharlesKingsley1819
Daybreak; a Romance of an Old World JamesCowan
The Call of the Cumberlands Charles NevilleBuck1879