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Titlesort iconAuhor's FirstnameSurnameTimeline
The Happy Foreigner EnidBagnold1889
The Centaur AlgernonBlackwood1869
Punchinello, Volume 1, No. 06, May 7, 1870Various
The Banner Boy Scouts Afloat or, the Secret of Cedar Island George A.Warren
K Mary RobertsRinehart1876
The Bronze Bell Louis JosephVance1879
The False Faces Further Adventures from the History of the Lone Wolf Louis JosephVance1879
A Deal in Wheat and Other Stories of the New and Old West FrankNorris1870
Humoresque A Laugh on Life with a Tear Behind It FannieHurst1889
Java Head JosephHergesheimer1880
The Spy James FenimoreCooper1789
The Beautiful and Damned F. Scott (Francis Scott)Fitzgerald1896
Alice Adams BoothTarkington1869
The Black Bag Louis JosephVance1879
Treasure and Trouble Therewith A Tale of California GeraldineBonner1870
The Fortune Hunter Louis JosephVance1879
The Rock of Chickamauga A Story of the Western Crisis Joseph A. (Joseph Alexander)Altsheler1862
Flatland: a romance of many dimensions Edwin AbbottAbbott1838
The Mutineers Charles BoardmanHawes
The Case of Richard Meynell Mrs. HumphryWard1851
The Cruise of the Dry Dock T. S.Stribling1881
Tom Swift and His War Tank, or, Doing His Bit for Uncle Sam Victor pseud.Appleton
Tom Swift and His Electric Runabout, or, the Speediest Car on the Road Victor pseud.Appleton
The Trespasser D. H. (David Herbert)Lawrence1885
Tom Swift and His Submarine Boat, or, under the Ocean for Sunken Treasure Victor pseud.Appleton
Orchesography Or, the Art of Dancing The Art of Dancing by Characters and Demonstrative Figures Raoul AugerFeuillet1660
Green Mansions: a romance of the tropical forest W. H. (William Henry)Hudson1841
The Story of the Malakand Field Force An Episode of Frontier War Sir Winston S.Churchill1874
The Lone Wolf A Melodrama Louis JosephVance1879
Mary Olivier: a Life MaySinclair1863
The Slave of the Lamp Henry SetonMerriman1862
Scientific American Supplement, No. 417, December 29, 1883Various
Flying Machines: construction and operation; a practical book which shows, in illustrations, working plans and text, how to buil
Son of Tarzan Edgar RiceBurroughs1875
Scientific American, Volume 17, No. 26 December 28, 1867 A Weekly Journal of Practical Information, Art, Science, Mechanics, ChVarious
Dream Tales and Prose Poems Ivan SergeevichTurgenev1818
The Gem Collector P. G. (Pelham Grenville)Wodehouse1881
England, My England D. H. (David Herbert)Lawrence1885
With the Procession Henry BlakeFuller1857
Satanstoe James FenimoreCooper1789
The Magnificent Ambersons BoothTarkington1869
Complete Prose Works Specimen Days and Collect, November Boughs and Goodbye My Fancy WaltWhitman1819
Drum Taps WaltWhitman1819
A History of Aeronautics
Robert Elsmere Mrs. HumphryWard1851
The Dominion of the Air; the story of aerial navigation John MackenzieBacon1846
L'Assommoir mileZola1840
The Woman with the Fan Robert SmytheHichens1864
Two Summers in Guyenne Edward HarrisonBarker1851
Beasts of Tarzan Edgar RiceBurroughs1875
Ghost Stories of an Antiquary M. R. (Montague Rhodes)James1862
Frenzied Fiction StephenLeacock1869
The Afghan Wars 1839-42 and 1878-80 ArchibaldForbes1838
Young People's Pride Stephen VincentBen t1898
Lorna Doone; a Romance of Exmoor R. D. (Richard Doddridge)Blackmore1825
Poems By Walt Whitman WaltWhitman1819
Selected Polish Tales
Under the Skylights Henry BlakeFuller1857
Barlasch of the Guard Henry SetonMerriman1862
Twilight and Dawn Simple Talks on the Six Days of Creation CarolinePridham
The Young Engineers in Arizona Laying Tracks on the Man-killer Quicksand H. Irving (Harrie Irving)Hancock1868
The Cathedral Sir HughWalpole1884
The Old Homestead Ann S.Stephens
The Boy Scouts on Sturgeon Island or Marooned Among the Game-fish Poachers HerbertCarter
A Thousand and One Afternoons in Chicago BenHecht1894
In and out of Three Normady Inns Anna BowmanDodd
The Advance of English Poetry in the Twentieth Century William LyonPhelps1865
Aeroplanes and Dirigibles of War Frederick Arthur AmbroseTalbot1880
The Radio Boys' First Wireless Or Winning the Ferberton Prize Allen pseud.Chapman
Fortitude Sir HughWalpole1884
The Happy End JosephHergesheimer1880
Fan : the story of a young girl's life W. H. (William Henry)Hudson1841
L.P.M. : the end of the Great War J. Stewart (John Stewart)Barney
Georgina of the Rainbows Annie FellowsJohnston1863
Pelle the Conqueror ? Complete Martin AndersenNex 1869
Pelle the Conqueror ? Volume 01 Martin AndersenNex 1869
Pelle the Conqueror ? Volume 02 Martin AndersenNex 1869
Pelle the Conqueror ? Volume 03 Martin AndersenNex 1869
When the Sleeper Wakes H. G. (Herbert George)Wells1866
Hans Brinker; or, the Silver Skates Mary MapesDodge1831
Snow-Blind Katharine NewlinBurt1882
Keith of the Border RandallParrish1858
The Huge Hunter Or, the Steam Man of the Prairies Edward S. (Edward Sylvester)Ellis1840
The Fighting Chance Robert W. (Robert William)Chambers1865
Lost on the Moon Or, in Quest of the Field of Diamonds RoyRockwood
The Man with Two Left Feet And Other Stories P. G. (Pelham Grenville)Wodehouse1881
Daniel Deronda GeorgeEliot1819
The Adventures of Sally P. G. (Pelham Grenville)Wodehouse1881
Darkness and Dawn George AllanEngland1877
The Naturalist in La Plata W. H. (William Henry)Hudson1841
Windy McPherson's Son SherwoodAnderson1876
Lifted Masks; stories SusanGlaspell1882
The Boy Scout Camera Club, or, the Confession of a Photograph G. Harvey (George Harvey)Ralphson1879
With Buller in Natal, Or, a Born Leader G. A. (George Alfred)Henty1832
Mr. Pim Passes By A. A. (Alan Alexander)Milne1882
Red Badge of Courage StephenCrane1871
Short Stories and Selections for Use in the Secondary Schools Emilie KipBaker
Thuvia, Maid of Mars Edgar RiceBurroughs1875
Chita: a Memory of Last Island LafcadioHearn1850
The Cruise of the Jasper B. DonMarquis1878