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Introduction --(index)--

Titlesort iconAuhor's FirstnameSurnameTimeline
The Dramatic Values in Plautus Wilton WallaceBlanck 1884
The Atlantic Monthly, Volume 10, No. 58, August, 1862Various
Heroes of the Telegraph JohnMunro1849
Proportional Representation A Study in Methods of Election John H.Humphreys
Aboriginal American Authors Daniel GarrisonBrinton1837
Robert's Rules of Order Pocket Manual of Rules of Order for Deliberative Assemblies Henry M.Robert1837
The Public Orations of Demosthenes, volume 2Demosthenes384
How to Do It Edward EverettHale1822
Selections from Poe J. MontgomeryGambrill
The Life, Studies, and Works of Benjamin West, Esq. Composed from Materials Furnished by Himself JohnGalt1779
Memoirs of Extraordinary Popular Delusions ? Volume 3 CharlesMackay1814
The Eleven Comedies, Volume 1Aristophanes446
Introduction to the Dramas of Balzac
Reminiscences of Samuel Taylor Coleridge and Robert Southey JosephCottle1770
The Iroquois Book of Rites HoratioHale1817
Pirke Avot Sayings of the Jewish Fathers
Democracy and Education: an introduction to the philosophy of education JohnDewey1859
Frost's Laws and By-Laws of American Society A condensed but thorough treatise on etiquette and its usages in America, contain Sarah AnnieFrost
Memoirs of Carwin, the Biloquist Charles BrockdenBrown1771
Manners and Social Usages Mrs. John M. E. W.Sherwood
The Life of St. Declan of Ardmore
A Study of Poetry BlissPerry1860
Biographia Epistolaris, Volume 1. Samuel TaylorColeridge1772
Handbook of Universal Literature From the Best and Latest Authorities Anne C. LynchBotta
The Diary of a U-boat Commander With an Introduction and Explanatory Notes by EtienneAnonymous
Outlines of English and American Literature : an Introduction to the Chief Writers of England and America, to the Books They Wro William JosephLong1866
The History of Education; educational practice and progress considered as a phase of the development and spread of western civil Ellwood PattersonCubberley
John James Audubon JohnBurroughs1837
Horace TheodoreMartin1816
Introduction to the Old Testament John EdgarMcFadyen
Specimens of Greek Tragedy ? Aeschylus and Sophocles GoldwinSmith1823
The Prince and Betty P. G. (Pelham Grenville)Wodehouse1881
Old Mortality, Volume 1. Sir WalterScott1771
Love and Intrigue Johann Christoph Friedrich vonSchiller1759
Umbrellas and Their History WilliamSangster1808
Assyrian Historiography A. T. (Albert Ten Eyck)Olmstead
Life of Robert Browning WilliamSharp1856
Life and Letters of Robert Browning
Practical Argumentation George K.Pattee
An Introduction to the mortuary customs of the North American Indians H. C. (Harry Cr cy)Yarrow1840
Problems in American Democracy Thames RossWilliamson1894
The 2002 CIA World FactbookUnited States. Central Intelligence Agency
Chapters of Opera Being historical and critical observations and records concerning the lyric drama in New York from its earlie Henry EdwardKrehbiel1854
Japan: an Attempt at Interpretation LafcadioHearn1850
The Art of the Story-Teller Marie L.Shedlock1854
A Book of Operas Their Histories, Their Plots, and Their Music Henry EdwardKrehbiel1854
Bergson and His Philosophy John AlexanderGunn1896
Heroic Romances of Ireland ? Complete Arthur HerbertLeahy1857
The Metaphysical Elements of Ethics ImmanuelKant1724
Heroic Romances of Ireland ? Volume 1 Arthur HerbertLeahy1857
Writing for Vaudeville BrettPage
Concerning the Spiritual in Art WassilyKandinsky1866
The Book of Good Manners; a Guide to Polite Usage for All Social Functions Walter CoxGreen
The Satyricon ? Volume 01: IntroductionPetronius Arbiter20
Thomas Hariot, the Mathematician, the Philosopher and the Scholar HenryStevens1819
Marmion Sir WalterScott1771
The Doctor's Dilemma: Preface on Doctors George BernardShaw1856
Slips of Speech : a Helpful Book for Everyone Who Aspires to Correct the Everyday Errors of Speaking John HendricksBechtel1841
Frederick Chopin, as a Man and Musician ? Complete FrederickNiecks1845
Chopin : the Man and His Music JamesHuneker1860
Rise of the Dutch Republic, the ? Volume 01: Introduction I John LothropMotley1814
Rise of the Dutch Republic, the ? Volume 02: Introduction II John LothropMotley1814
The Hohenzollerns in America StephenLeacock1869
James Nasmyth: Engineer; an autobiography JamesNasmyth1808
Frederick Chopin, as a Man and Musician ? Volume 1 FrederickNiecks1845
An Introduction to Yoga Annie WoodBesant1847
American Nation: a history ? Volume 1: European Background of American History, 1300-1600 Edward PottsCheyney1861
Essays from 'The Guardian' WalterPater1839
An Introduction to Chemical Science Rufus PhillipsWilliams1851
CIA World Factbook (2000)United States. Central Intelligence Agency
The Complete Poetical Works of Oliver Goldsmith OliverGoldsmith1730
Fabre, Poet of Science Georges VictorLegros1862
The Life of George Borrow Herbert GeorgeJenkins1876
Narratives of New Netherland, 1609-1664
Guide to Life and Literature of the Southwest, with a Few Observations J. Frank (James Frank)Dobie1888
Memoirs of Casanova ? Volume 14: Switzerland GiacomoCasanova1725
An Introduction to the Study of Robert Browning's Poetry RobertBrowning1812
Introduction to the Compleat Angler AndrewLang1844
The Ontario High School Reader A.E.Marty
The Standard Oratorios Their Stories, Their Music, And Their Composers George P. (George Putnam)Upton1834
Socialism A Summary and Interpretation of Socialist Principles JohnSpargo1876
German Science Reader An Introduction to Scientific German, for Students of Physics, Chemistry and Engineering Charles F.Kroeh
The Hindu-Arabic Numerals
Documentary History of the Rio Grande Pueblos of New Mexico; I. Bibliographic Introduction Papers of the School of American Arc Adolph Francis AlphonseBandelier1840
The Etiquette of To-day Edith B.Ordway
An Essay on Professional Ethics Second Edition GeorgeSharswood
How to Write Letters (Formerly The Book of Letters) A Complete Guide to Correct Business and Personal Correspondence Mary OwensCrowther
Parodies of Ballad Criticism (1711-1787) A Comment Upon the History of Tom Thumb, 1711, by William Wagstaffe; The Knave of Hea
Madame Th?r?se Introduction and notes by Edward ManleyErckmann Chatrian
The Scottish Reformation Its Epochs, Episodes, Leaders, and Distinctive Characteristics Alexander F.Mitchell
The Village Pulpit, Volume II. Trinity to Advent A Complete Course of 66 Short Sermons, or Full Sermon Outlines for Each Sunday S. (Sabine)Baring Gould1834
The Short-story William PattersonAtkinson
Teachers' Outlines for Studies in English Based on the Requirements for Admission to College Gilbert SykesBlakely
Immortal Memories Clement KingShorter1857
Historical Sketches, Volume I (of 3) The Turks in Their Relation to Europe; Marcus Tullius Cicero; Apollonius of Tyana; Primiti John HenryNewman1801
M. Fabi Quintiliani institutionis oratoriae liber decimus Marcus FabiusQuintilianus
The Metamorphoses of Ovid Vol. I, Books I-VII Publius OvidiusNaso
Scottish Cathedrals and Abbeys
A Brief History of the English Language and Literature, Vol. 2 (of 2) John Miller DowMeiklejohn1830
An Introduction to the Industrial and Social History of England Edward PottsCheyney1861