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Portrait --(index)--

Titlesort iconAuhor's FirstnameSurnameTimeline
Hauntings VernonLee1856
Bacon is Shake-Speare Sir EdwinDurning Lawrence1837
Albert Durer T. SturgeMoore1870
The Master Detective Being Some Further Investigations of Christopher Quarles Percy JamesBrebner1864
La dame de Monsoreau ? ?Tome 1. AlexandreDumas p re1802
Honore de Balzac, His Life and Writings Mary F. (Mary Frances)Sandars1864
The Atlantic Monthly, Volume 04, No. 25, November, 1859Various
The Incomplete Amorist E. (Edith)Nesbit1858
The Atlantic Monthly, Volume 04, No. 22, August, 1859Various
The Prophetic Pictures (From "Twice Told Tales") NathanielHawthorne1804
Henry Dunbar A Novel M. E. (Mary Elizabeth)Braddon1835
The Greater Inclination EdithWharton1862
The Man Shakespeare FrankHarris1856
The Last Hope Henry SetonMerriman1862
Two Years in the Forbidden City PrincessDer Ling1886
A Desperate Character and Other Stories Ivan SergeevichTurgenev1818
The Life, Studies, and Works of Benjamin West, Esq. Composed from Materials Furnished by Himself JohnGalt1779
The Three Cities Trilogy: Rome, Volume 1 mileZola1840
Prue and I George WilliamCurtis1824
Sketches from Concord and Appledore Frank PrestonStearns1846
The Happy Days of the Empress Marie Louise baron Arthur L onImbert de Saint Amand1834
The Philistines ArloBates1850
Philip Gilbert Hamerton An Autobiography, 1834-1858, and a Memoir by His Wife, 1858-1894
The Atlantic Monthly, Volume 01, No. 01, November, 1857 A Magazine of Literature, Art, and PoliticsVarious
The Last Hope Henry SetonMerriman1862
The Ladies A Shining Constellation of Wit and Beauty L. Adams (Lily Moresby Adams)Beck1931
Shakespeare's Bones C. M. (Clement Mansfield)Ingleby1823
Biographia Epistolaris, Volume 1. Samuel TaylorColeridge1772
Under the Skylights Henry BlakeFuller1857
A Phantom Lover VernonLee1856
Modern Painting George (George Augustus)Moore1852
The Shadow of the East E. M. (Edith Maude)Hull1947
Literary and Social Essays George WilliamCurtis1824
A Fountain Sealed Anne DouglasSedgwick1873
A Passionate Pilgrim HenryJames1843
Les CenciStendhal1783
The Crayon Papers WashingtonIrving1783
Life of Luther JuliusKoestlin
The Poet's Poet ElizabethAtkins
Passages from the French and Italian Notebooks, Volume 2. NathanielHawthorne1804
Passages from the English Notebooks, Volume 2. NathanielHawthorne1804
Memoirs of My Dead Life George (George Augustus)Moore1852
Leonardo Da Vinci Maurice WalterBrockwell1869
House of the Seven Gables NathanielHawthorne1804
Subspace Survivors E. E. (Edward Elmer)Smith1890
Kenelm Chillingly ? Volume 03 Baron Edward Bulwer LyttonLytton1803
The Reverberator HenryJames1843
Crucial Instances EdithWharton1862
The Master of Silence IrvingBacheller1859
Castilian Days JohnHay1835
Chicot the Jester AlexandreDumas p re1802
John James Audubon JohnBurroughs1837
Poetical Works of Oliver Wendell Holmes, the ? Volume 12: Verses from the Oldest Portfolio Oliver WendellHolmes1809
On Something HilaireBelloc1870
Our Hundred Days in Europe Oliver WendellHolmes1809
Nathaniel Hawthorne George EdwardWoodberry1855
Fra Bartolommeo LeaderScott1837
Swann's Way MarcelProust1871
The Marquis of Lossie GeorgeMacDonald1824
The Life and Genius of Nathaniel Hawthorne Frank PrestonStearns1846
Malayan LiteratureVarious
The Idol of Paris SarahBernhardt1845
Aikenside Mary JaneHolmes1825
Fiat Money Inflation in France Andrew DicksonWhite1832
The Jesuits in North America in the Seventeenth Century FrancisParkman1823
Miss Ludington's Sister EdwardBellamy1850
A Brief History of the United States John BachMcMaster1852
Indian Games : an historical research Andrew McFarlandDavis
Die Soldaten Jakob Michael ReinholdLenz1751
The Hallam Succession Amelia Edith HuddlestonBarr1831
Young Americans Abroad Vacation in Europe: Travels in England, France, Holland, Belgium, Prussia and SwitzerlandVarious
Fielding AustinDobson1840
Sganarelle, or, the Self-Deceived HusbandMoli re1622
The Little Nugget P. G. (Pelham Grenville)Wodehouse1881
Theresa Raquin mileZola1840
December Love Robert SmytheHichens1864
Life of Robert Browning WilliamSharp1856
Mysteries of Paris, V3 Eug neSue1804
Life Is a Dream PedroCalder n de la Barca1600
Little Journeys to the Homes of the Great - Volume 06 Little Journeys to the Homes of Eminent Artists ElbertHubbard1856
The Trespasser, Volume 1 GilbertParker1860
Cumner's Son and Other South Sea Folk ? Complete GilbertParker1860
Cumner's Son and Other South Sea Folk ? Volume 04 GilbertParker1860
Cumner's Son and Other South Sea Folk ? Volume 05 GilbertParker1860
Mrs. Falchion, Volume 1. GilbertParker1860
The Hollow of Her Hand George BarrMcCutcheon1866
Spring Days George (George Augustus)Moore1852
Robert Louis Stevenson: a record, an estimate, and a memorial Alexander H. (Alexander Hay)Japp1837
The Crushed Flower and Other Stories Leonid NikolayevichAndreyev1871
SganarelleMoli re1622
The Mystery of Edwin Drood CharlesDickens1812
Word Only a Word, a ? Complete GeorgEbers1837
Word Only a Word, a ? Volume 03 GeorgEbers1837
The Unbearable BassingtonSaki1870
Thorny Path, a ? Complete GeorgEbers1837
Thorny Path, a ? Volume 01 GeorgEbers1837
Thorny Path, a ? Volume 05 GeorgEbers1837
Cleopatra ? Volume 02 GeorgEbers1837
Through the Magic Door Sir Arthur ConanDoyle1859
Innocent : her fancy and his fact MarieCorelli1855