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Academy --(index)--

Titlesort iconAuhor's FirstnameSurnameTimeline
The Mirror of Literature, Amusement, and Instruction Volume 10, No. 266, July 28, 1827Various
The Life and Works of Friedrich Schiller CalvinThomas1854
The Calling of Dan Matthews Harold BellWright1872
Handel Edward J.Dent1876
Paris as It Was and as It Is Francis W.Blagdon1778
Selections from Poe J. MontgomeryGambrill
The Life, Studies, and Works of Benjamin West, Esq. Composed from Materials Furnished by Himself JohnGalt1779
Jasmin: Barber, Poet, Philanthropist SamuelSmiles1812
Under the Skylights Henry BlakeFuller1857
Modern Italian Poets Essays and Versions William DeanHowells1837
Modern Painting George (George Augustus)Moore1852
Hide and Seek WilkieCollins1824
Tales of Daring and Danger G. A. (George Alfred)Henty1832
Jack Ranger's Western Trip Or, from Boarding School to Ranch and Range ClarenceYoung
Cambridge Sketches Frank PrestonStearns1846
Memories of Canada and Scotland ? Speeches and Verses John Douglas SutherlandCampbell1845
Aikenside Mary JaneHolmes1825
Worldwide Effects of Nuclear War: Some PerspectivesU.S. Arms Control and Disarmament Agency
Indian Games : an historical research Andrew McFarlandDavis
Life of Robert Browning WilliamSharp1856
The Boys of Bellwood School Frank V.Webster
Dick Prescott's First Year at West Point H. Irving (Harrie Irving)Hancock1868
Italian Hours HenryJames1843
Little Journeys to the Homes of the Great - Volume 06 Little Journeys to the Homes of Eminent Artists ElbertHubbard1856
Without Prejudice IsraelZangwill1864
Louis Agassiz: His Life and Correspondence
The Rover Boys out West Or, The Search for a Lost Mine EdwardStratemeyer1862
Captain Macklin Richard HardingDavis1864
Chapters of Opera Being historical and critical observations and records concerning the lyric drama in New York from its earlie Henry EdwardKrehbiel1854
The Memoirs of General Philip H. Sheridan, Volume I., Part 1 General Philip HenrySheridan1831
Life and Letters of Thomas Henry Huxley ? Volume 3 LeonardHuxley1860
The Rover Boys at School EdwardStratemeyer1862
The Rover Boys in the Jungle Or, Stirring Adventures in Africa EdwardStratemeyer1862
Peggy Stewart: Navy Girl at Home Gabrielle E.Jackson
Sculpture of the Exposition Palaces and Courts Juliet Helena LumbardJames1864
The Conservation of Races W. E. B. (William Edward Burghardt)Du Bois1868
A Day in Old Athens; a Picture of Athenian Life William StearnsDavis1877
The Hermit and the Wild Woman EdithWharton1862
The Philosophy of Misery P. J. (Pierre Joseph)Proudhon-1809
Sparrows: the story of an unprotected girl Horace W. C. (Horace Wykeham Can)Newte1870
On the Trail of Grant and Lee Frederick TrevorHill1866
The Monikins James FenimoreCooper1789
Ink-Stain, the (Tache d'encre) ? Volume 1 Ren Bazin1853
Balzac FrederickLawton
Letters of Franz Liszt ? Volume 2: from Rome to the End
What is Property? P. J. (Pierre Joseph)Proudhon-1809
The Fortunes of Oliver Horn Francis HopkinsonSmith1838
Pages from an Old Volume of Life; a collection of essays, 1857-1881 Oliver WendellHolmes1809
The Memoirs of Victor Hugo VictorHugo1802
Letters on EnglandVoltaire1694
The Colored Cadet at West Point Autobiography of Lieut. Henry Ossian Flipper, first graduate of color from the U. S. Military A Henry OssianFlipper1856
The New England Magazine, Volume 1, No. 2, February, 1886. The Bay State Monthly, Volume 4, No. 2, February, 1886.Various
The Confessions of a Caricaturist, Vol 2 (of 2) HarryFurniss
The New England Magazine, Volume 1, No. 1, January 1886 Bay State Monthly, Volume 4, No. 1, January, 1886Various
Breaking Away or The Fortunes of a Student OliverOptic1822
Made to Measure Deep Waters, Part 3. W. W.Jacobs1863
The Venetian Painters of the Renaissance Third Edition BernardBerenson1865
Martian V.F.W. G.L.Vandenburg
The Dash for Khartoum A Tale of Nile Expedition G. A. (George Alfred)Henty1832
The Medallic History of the United States of America 1776-1876 J. F.Loubat
Seven Discourses on Art Sir JoshuaReynolds1723
Curiosities of Literature, Vol. 1 (of 3) IsaacD Israeli
On the Stairs Henry B.Fuller
Letters of Edward FitzGerald to Fanny Kemble (1871-1883) EdwardFitzGerald1809
On the Old Road, Vol. 2 (of 2) A Collection of Miscellaneous Essays and Articles on Art and Literature JohnRuskin1819
Anecdotes of Painters, Engravers, Sculptors and Architects, and Curiosities of Art, (Vol. 2 of 3) ShearjashubSpooner1809
History of Friedrich II of Prussia ? Volume 16 ThomasCarlyle1795
On the Trail of the Space Pirates pseud. CareyRockwell
Chambers's Edinburgh Journal, No. 444 Volume 18, New Series, July 3, 1852Various
A Survey of Russian Literature, with Selections Isabel FlorenceHapgood1850
Life and Letters of Charles Darwin ? Volume 2 CharlesDarwin1809
Priestley in America 1794-1804 Edgar F.Smith
Dick Hamilton's Airship, or, a Young Millionaire in the Clouds Howard R. (Howard Roger)Garis1873
Ernest Linwood or, The Inner Life of the Author Caroline LeeHentz
The Atlantic Monthly, Volume 14, No. 83, September, 1864Various
Art in England Notes and Studies DuttonCook1829
The Angel of Death Johan OlofWallin1779
Pocket Island A Story of Country Life in New England Charles ClarkMunn1848
The Project Gutenberg Encyclopedia Volume 1 of 28Project Gutenberg
Boys' Book of Famous Soldiers J. Walker (Joseph Walker)McSpadden1874
The Old Masters and Their Pictures For the Use of Schools and Learners in Art SarahTytler1827
Danger in Deep Space pseud. CareyRockwell
Stand by for Mars! pseud. CareyRockwell
Frank Merriwell's Chums pseud. Burt L.Standish
Scaramouche RafaelSabatini1875
Western Worthies A Gallery of Biographical and Critical Sketches of West of Scotland Celebrities J. Stephen (James Stephen)Jeans1846
Confessions of Boyhood JohnAlbee1833
Michael Angelo Buonarroti CharlesHolroyd1861
The Reminiscences of an Astronomer SimonNewcomb1835
The Governess; or, Little Female Academy SarahFielding1710
The Revolt on Venus pseud. CareyRockwell
Sir Joshua Reynolds A Collection of Fifteen Pictures and a Portrait of the Painter with Introduction and Interpretation Estelle M. (Estelle May)Hurll1863
Modern Eloquence: Vol II, After-Dinner Speeches E-OVarious
Treachery in Outer Space pseud. CareyRockwell
From the Ball-Room to Hell Thomas A.Faulkner
The Space Pioneers pseud. CareyRockwell
The Story of Cooperstown RalphBirdsall1871
The Man?bos of Mindan?o Memoirs of the National Academy of Sciences, Volume XXIII, First Memoir John M.Garvan
Sabotage in Space pseud. CareyRockwell