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Titlesort iconAuhor's FirstnameSurnameTimeline
Journal of an Expedition into the Interior of Tropical Australia ThomasMitchell1792
Punchinello, Volume 1, No. 17, July 23, 1870Various
Riders of the Silences MaxBrand1892
The Jewel Merchants A Comedy in One Act James BranchCabell1879
Domnei A Comedy of Woman-Worship James BranchCabell1879
The Cords of Vanity A Comedy of Shirking James BranchCabell1879
The Line of Love Dizain des Mariages James BranchCabell1879
Pax Vobiscum HenryDrummond1851
Cleveland Past and Present Its Representative Men
One Day's Courtship RobertBarr1850
The Exploring Expedition to the Rocky Mountains, Oregon and California To which is Added a Description of the Physical Geograph Brevet Col. J.C.Fremont1813
Library Work with Children Alice IsabelHazeltine1878
Son of Tarzan Edgar RiceBurroughs1875
Jurgen A Comedy of Justice James BranchCabell1879
Five Sermons H. B.Whipple1823
Scientific American Supplement, No. 344, August 5, 1882Various
Gallantry Dizain des Fetes Galantes James BranchCabell1879
The 1993 CIA World FactbookUnited States. Central Intelligence Agency
The Story of Ab A Tale of the Time of the Cave Man StanleyWaterloo1846
In the Forest Or, pictures of life and scenery in the woods of Canada Catharine ParrTraill1802
The Ancestral Footstep (fragment) Outlines of an English Romance NathanielHawthorne1804
Wanderings in South America CharlesWaterton1782
Early Bardic Literature, Ireland. StandishO Grady1846
Imaginations and Reveries George WilliamRussell1867
The Junior Classics ? Volume 8 Animal and Nature Stories
The Advance of English Poetry in the Twentieth Century William LyonPhelps1865
Tarzan of the Apes Edgar RiceBurroughs1875
The High History of the Holy GraalAnonymous
The Writings of John Burroughs ? Volume 05: Pepacton JohnBurroughs1837
Tropic Days E. J. (Edmund James)Banfield1852
Personal Narrative of Travels to the Equinoctial Regions of America, During the Year 1799-1804 ? Volume 3 Alexander vonHumboldt1769
Science & Education Thomas HenryHuxley1825
Glaucus, or the Wonders of the Shore CharlesKingsley1819
The Social Cancer Jos Rizal1861
The Kiltartan Poetry Book; prose translations from the Irish LadyGregory1852
Lady Mary and her Nurse Catharine ParrTraill1802
Facts and Arguments for Darwin FritzMuller1821
Locusts and Wild Honey JohnBurroughs1837
The 2002 CIA World FactbookUnited States. Central Intelligence Agency
The Naturalist in Nicaragua ThomasBelt1832
Cowboy Dave Frank V.Webster
Tales of the Punjab Flora AnnieSteel1847
The Evolution of an Empire: A Brief Historical Sketch of England Mary PlattParmele1843
Umboo, the Elephant Howard R. (Howard Roger)Garis1873
Successful Exploration Through the Interior of Australia William JohnWills1834
Two Trips to Gorilla Land and the Cataracts of the Congo Volume 1 Sir Richard FrancisBurton1821
The 1995 CIA World FactbookUnited States. Central Intelligence Agency
The Emancipatrix Homer EonFlint1892
The Home Acre Edward PaysonRoe1838
The Red Fairy Book AndrewLang1844
Journals of Two Expeditions into the Interior of New South Wales JohnOxley1781
The Coming of Cuculain StandishO Grady1846
Community Civics and Rural Life Arthur WilliamDunn1868
Rainbow's End Rex EllingwoodBeach1877
State of the Union Address (1790-2001)United States. Presidents.
State of the Union Address Warren G. (Warren Gamaliel)Harding1865
State of the Union Address James K. (James Knox)Polk1795
State of the Union Address AndrewJackson1767
The Notebooks of Leonardo Da Vinci ? Volume 1Leonardo da Vinci1452
Expedition into Central Australia CharlesSturt1795
The Fashionable Adventures of Joshua Craig; a Novel David GrahamPhillips1867
Five of Maxwell's Papers James ClerkMaxwell1831
The 1992 CIA World FactbookUnited States. Central Intelligence Agency
Lightfoot the Deer Thornton W. (Thornton Waldo)Burgess1874
The Heart's Highway Mary Eleanor WilkinsFreeman1852
Narrative of the Overland Expedition of the Messrs. Jardine from Rockhampton to Cape York, Northern Queensland FrankJardine1841
The Shaving of Shagpat; an Arabian entertainment ? Volume 3 GeorgeMeredith1828
Winter Sunshine JohnBurroughs1837
Woman's Way Through Unknown Labrador Mina BensonHubbard1872
Wake-Robin JohnBurroughs1837
Industrial Biography, Iron Workers and Tool Makers SamuelSmiles1812
Atlantis : the antediluvian world IgnatiusDonnelly1831
Japanese Fairy Tales Yei TheodoraOzaki
The Blue Lagoon: a romance H. De Vere (Henry De Vere)Stacpoole1863
Dot and the Kangaroo Ethel C.Pedley1860
CIA World Factbook (2000)United States. Central Intelligence Agency
Out of the Triangle: a story of the Far East Mary E. (Mary Ellen)Bamford
The Golden Bough Sir James GeorgeFrazer1854
The Japanese Twins Lucy FitchPerkins1865
An Inquiry into the Nature and Causes of the Wealth of Nations AdamSmith1723
John Marshall and the Constitution; a chronicle of the Supreme court Edward SamuelCorwin1878
Christian Science MarkTwain1835
Birds and Bees, Sharp Eyes and Other Papers JohnBurroughs1837
Before Adam JackLondon1876
Burgess Bird Book for Children Thornton W. (Thornton Waldo)Burgess1874
On the Study of Zoology Thomas HenryHuxley1825
Evidence as to Man's Place in Nature Thomas HenryHuxley1825
The Stark Munro Letters Sir Arthur ConanDoyle1859
Irish Fairy Tales JamesStephens1882
The Certain Hour James BranchCabell1879
Isaac Bickerstaff, physician and astrologer Sir RichardSteele1672
The Three Partners BretHarte1836
The 1991 CIA World FactbookUnited States. Central Intelligence Agency
The Movements and Habits of Climbing Plants CharlesDarwin1809
The Burgess Animal Book for Children Thornton W. (Thornton Waldo)Burgess1874
The Naturalist on the River Amazons Henry WalterBates1825
The Jungle Book RudyardKipling1865
Waifs and Strays Part 1 O.Henry1862
The Discovery of Guiana Sir WalterRaleigh1554
A Book of Myths JeanLang