STAYED --(books about stayed)--

1492 by Mary Johnston
A Journal From Our Legation in Belgium by Gibson
A Journal of the Plague Year, written by a citizen
A King's Comrade by Charles W. Whistler
A Narrative of the Expedition to Dongola and Senna
A Pair of Patient Lovers by William Dean Howells
A Prince of Cornwall by Charles W. Whistler
A Sea Queen's Sailing by Charles W. Whistler
A Set of Rogues by Frank Barrett
A Summer in Leslie Goldthwaite's Life. by Whitney
A Voice in the Wilderness by Grace Livingston Hill
A Voyage to Abyssinia by Jeronimo Lobo
Across China on Foot by Edwin John Dingle
Across the Years by Eleanor H. Porter
Alps and Sanctuaries of Piedmont and the Canton Ti
An Essay on War, in Blank Verse; Honington Green,
An Essence of the Dusk, 5th Edition by Bain
Anne Severn and the Fieldings by May Sinclair
Auld Licht Idylls by J. M. Barrie
Autobiography of Benvenuto Cellini by Cellini
Awakening by John Galsworthy
Beautiful Joe by Marshall Saunders
Beltane the Smith by Jeffery Farnol
Between You and Me by Sir Harry Lauder
Beyond the Vanishing Point by Cummings
Biography of a Slave by Charles Thompson
Black Bartlemy's Treasure by Jeffery Farnol
Blue Aloes by Cynthia Stockley
Captains All and Others by W. W. Jacobs
Captivity by M. Leonora Eyles
Charlotte Bront? and Her Circle by Shorter
Colonel Carter of Cartersville by Smith
Complete Project Gutenberg John Galsworthy Works
Crisis, the ? Volume 04 by Winston Churchill
Cumner's Son and Other South Sea Folk ? Volume 0
Dangerous Ages by Rose Macaulay
Diary of a Nursing Sister on the Western Front, 19
Donovan Pasha, and Some People of Egypt ? Comple
Donovan Pasha, and Some People of Egypt ? Volume
Earthwork out of Tuscany by Maurice Hewlett
Ethelyn's Mistake by Mary Jane Holmes
Facing the Flag by Jules Verne
Fairies and Folk of Ireland by William Henry Frost
Family Pride by Mary Jane Holmes
Fletcher of Madeley by Brigadier Margaret Allen
Foes by Mary Johnston
Folklore of the Santal Parganas by Bompas
From John O'Groats to Land's End by John Naylor
Gathering of Brother Hilarius by Michael Fairless
George Selwyn: His Letters and His Life
Grettir the Strong, Icelandic Saga by Traditional
Growth of the Soil by Knut Hamsun
Half Portions by Edna Ferber
Happy Hawkins by Robert Alexander Wason
Havelok the Dane by Charles W. Whistler
Hero and Leander by Christopher Marlowe
History of the Revolt of the Netherlands ? Volum
Household Tales by Brothers Grimm by Jacob Grimm
Hugh Wynne, Free Quaker by S. Weir Mitchell
Indian Fairy Tales
Indian Summer by William Dean Howells
Innocent : her fancy and his fact by Marie Corelli
Into the Jaws of Death by Jack O'Brien
Jean Christophe: in Paris by Romain Rolland
Jean-Christophe, Volume I by Romain Rolland
Jerusalem Delivered by Torquato Tasso
Joyce of the North Woods by Harriet T. Comstock
Jurgen by James Branch Cabell
King Alfred's Viking by Charles W. Whistler
King Olaf's Kinsman by Charles W. Whistler
Laddie; a true blue story by Gene Stratton-Porter
Lady into Fox by David Garnett
Laxd?la Saga by Anonymous
Legacy by James H Schmitz
Little Novels of Italy by Maurice Henry Hewlett
Lo, Michael! by Grace Livingston Hill
Look Back on Happiness by Knut Hamsun
Madame Bovary by Gustave Flaubert
Marmion by Sir Walter Scott
Mary Marie by Eleanor H. Porter
Matisse Picasso and Gertrude Stein by Stein
Memoirs and Historical Chronicles of the Courts of
Memoirs of Casanova ? Volume 19: Back Again to P
Memoirs of Lady Fanshawe, Wife of Sir Richard Fans
Memoirs of Marguerite de Valois, the ? Volume 2
Miss Billy ? Married by Eleanor H. Porter
Moorish Literature by Anonymous
My Robin by Frances Hodgson Burnett
My War Experiences in Two Continents
Nancy MacIntyre by Lester Shepard Parker
Nelka by Michael Moukhanoff
Nightfall by Anthony Pryde
Old Rail Fence Corners by Various
On Commando by Dietlof Van Warmelo
On the Church Steps by Sarah C. Hallowell
On the Spanish Main by John Masefield
One Basket by Edna Ferber
One of Ours by Willa Sibert Cather
Operation Terror by [pseud.] Murray Leinster
Operation: Outer Space by [pseud.] Murray Leinster