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CENTURIES --(books about centuries)--

Pinnock's improved edition of Dr. Goldsmith's Hist
"Imperialism" and "The Tracks of Our Forefathers"
A Brief History of the English Language and Litera
A Collection of Stories by Jack London
A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court, Part
A Dreamer's Tales by Lord Dunsany
A Handbook for Latin Clubs by Susan Paxson
A Hero and Some Other Folks by William A. Quayle
A history of China., [3d ed. rev. and enl.]
A History of English Literature by Fletcher
A History of English Prose Fiction by Tuckerman
A Lie Never Justifiable by H. Clay Trumbull
A Literary History of the English People
A Political and Social History of Modern Europe V.
A Popular History of France from the Earliest Time
A Popular History of Ireland : from the Earliest P
A Popular History of the Art of Music by Mathews
A Short History of England by G. K. Chesterton
A Short History of English Agriculture by Curtler
A Short History of France by Mary Platt Parmele
A Short History of Monks and Monasteries
A Short History of Russia by Mary Platt Parmele
A Short History of Women's Rights by Hecker
A Sixth-Century Fragment of the Letters of Pliny t
A Slave is a Slave by H. Beam Piper
A Smaller History of Rome by Lawrence and Smith
A Traveller in Little Things by W. H. Hudson
A Walk from London to John O'Groat's by Burritt
A Wanderer in Florence by E. V. Lucas
A Wonderful Night; An Interpretation Of Christmas
Across China on Foot by Edwin John Dingle
Afoot in England by W. H. Hudson
African and European Addresses by Roosevelt
Against the Grain by J.-K. Huysmans
Alexandria and Her Schools; four lectures delivere
American Lutheranism Vindicated; or, Examination o
American Nation: a history ? Volume 1: European
American Political Ideas Viewed from the Standpoin
Americans and Others by Agnes Repplier
Among Famous Books by John Kelman
An Enquiry into the Truth of the Tradition, Concer
An Essay on Mediaeval Economic Teaching by O'Brien
An Illustrated History of Ireland from AD 400 to 1
An Introduction to the Industrial and Social Histo
Anahuac : or, Mexico and the Mexicans, Ancient and
Ancient China Simplified by Edward Harper Parker
Ancient Egypt by George Rawlinson
Ancient Man by Hendrik Willem Van Loon
Ancient Rome : from the earliest times down to 476
Anecdotes of Painters, Engravers, Sculptors and A
Apologia pro Vita Sua by John Henry Newman
Apologia Pro Vita Sua by John Henry Newman
Artificial Light by Matthew Luckiesh
Arts and Crafts in the Middle Ages by Addison
Atlantis : the antediluvian world by Donnelly
Autobiographical Sketches by Thomas De Quincey
Back to Methuselah by George Bernard Shaw
Backlog Studies by Charles Dudley Warner
Barbara's Heritage by Deristhe L. Hoyt
Beacon Lights of History by John Lord
Beacon Lights of History, Volume 03 by John Lord
Beacon Lights of History, Volume 05 by John Lord
Beacon Lights of History, Volume 14 by John Lord
Beverly of Graustark by George Barr McCutcheon
Beyond Good and Evil by Nietzsche
Bibliomania in the Middle Ages by Merryweather
Bimbi by Louise de la Ramee
Blackwood's Edinburgh Magazine ? Volume 54, No.
Boy Scouts on Motorcycles by G. Harvey Ralphson
Brann the Iconoclast ? Volume 01 by Brann
Brann the Iconoclast ? Volume 12 by Brann
British Highways And Byways From A Motor Car
Bruges and West Flanders by George W. T. Omond
Castilian Days by John Hay
Cathedrals and Cloisters of the South of France, V
Caves of Terror by Talbot Mundy
Ceylon; an Account of the Island Physical, Histori
Chambers's Edinburgh Journal, No. 421 by Various
Chapters on Jewish Literature by Israel Abrahams
Characters and events of Roman History by Ferrero
China and the Chinese by Herbert Allen Giles
China and the Manchus by Herbert Allen Giles
Chinese Painters by Raphael Petrucci
Christian Science by Mark Twain
Christianity and Islam by C.H. Becker
Christianity and Progress by Harry Emerson Fosdick
Civilization and Beyond by Scott Nearing
Clerambault by Romain Rolland
Collected Essays, Volume V by Thomas Henry Huxley
Confession and Absolution by Thomas John Capel
Court Life in China by Isaac Taylor Headland
Dante: "The Central Man of All the World"
Darkness and Dawn by George Allan England
De Aarde en haar Volken, Jaargang 1877 by Various
Dead Man's Plack and an Old Thorn by W. H. Hudson
Diario de la navegacion empredida en 1781
Diderot and the Encyclop?dists (Vol 1 of 2)
Doctor Grimshawe's Secret ? a Romance
Dreamthorp by Alexander Smith
Dutch Life in Town and Country by P. M. Hough