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Titlesort iconaliasAuthor's First NameLast NameTimeline
The ArgonautsThe Argonauts by Eliza Orzeszko Eliza (AKA Orzeszkowa)Orzeszko
!Tention A Story of Boy-Life during the Peninsular War!Tention by George Manville Fenn George ManvilleFenn
The "Goldfish"The "Goldfish" by Arthur Cheney Train Arthur CheneyTrain1875
The "Ladies of Llangollen" as Sketched by Many Hands; with Notices of Other Objects of Interest in "That Sweetest of Vales"The "Ladies of Llangollen" by John Hicklin JohnHicklin
The 'Mind the Paint' Girl A Comedy in Four ActsThe 'Mind the Paint' Girl by Arthur Wing Pinero Arthur WingPinero1855
? hora do crime phantasia dramatica em 1 acto a proposito do assassinato do General Prim? hora do crime by Miranda Francisco Lu s Coutinho deMiranda0
? se tordre? se tordre by Alphonse Allais AlphonseAllais1854
? Ventura? Ventura by Teixeira de Pascoais Teixeira dePascoais1877
???? by Yang Shang YangShang338
?? (Bing Fa)The Art of War by 6th cent. B.C. Sunzi th cent. B.C.Sunzi6
?? ???? ?? by Xi Zhu XiZhu1130
?? ???? ?? by Xi Zhu XiZhu1130
?????? by Mian Wang MianWang1287
?????? by LaoziLaozi
??? (Gongsun L?ng)??? (Gongsun L?ng) by Gongsun rd cent. B.C. LongGongsun3
???? ??? ??????????? ??? ??????? by Pencho Slaveikov PenchoSlaveikov1866
???? ?????? ?????????? ?????? ?????? by Karadzic Vuk StefanovicKaradzic
????. Selections. 1985????. Selections. 1985 by Qian Tao QianTao372
?????? ?? ????????????????? ?? ??????????? by Vazov Ivan MinchovVazov1850
?????? ?????, ??????????????????? ?????, KhristoBotev1848
?????????????? by graf Leo Tolstoy graf LeoTolstoy1828
???????? ??????????? ??? by Derzhavin Gavrila RomanovichDerzhavin1743
???????? ????????????? ????? by Pencho Slaveikov PenchoSlaveikov1866
?????????, ??????? ?????? ??????????????, ??????? ?????? Aleksandr SergeevichPushkin1799
????t?a????t?a by EuripidesEuripides
??d?p??? ???a??????d?p??? ???a???? by SophoclesSophocles495
??rimm?isess? talossa N?ytelm? viidess? n?yt?ksess??rimm?isess? talossa by Matti Kurikka MattiKurikka1863
??s?st??t?Lysistrata, Greek by AristophanesAristophanes446
?And Devious the Line of Duty?And Devious the Line of Duty by Tom Godwin TomGodwin
?ber das Aussterben der Naturv?lker?ber das Aussterben der Naturv?lker by Gerland GeorgGerland
?ber die Dichtkunst beim Aristoteles Neu ?bersetzt und mit Einleitung und einem erkl?renden Namen- und Sachverzeichnis versehen?ber die Dichtkunst beim Aristoteles by AristotleAristotle384
?ber Psychoanalyse F?nf Vorlesungen?ber Psychoanalyse by Sigmund Freud SigmundFreud1856
?Cai?gat Cayo! Sa ma?ga masasamang libro,t, casulatan?Cai?gat Cayo! by Fr. Jos? Rodriguez Fr. JosRodriguez
?loge du sein des femmes Ouvrage curieux?loge du sein des femmes by Mercier de Compi?gne Claude Fran ois XavierMercier de Compi gne-1763
?nimes atu?des?nimes atu?des by Josep Roig i Ravent?s JosepRoig i Ravent s1883
?pigramme?pigramme by Fran?ois Maynard Fran oisMaynard1582
?pt? ep? T??a??pt? ep? T??a? by AeschylusAeschylus525
?ric le Mendiant?ric le Mendiant by Pierre Zaccone PierreZaccone1817
?tude sur Shakspeare?tude sur Shakspeare by Guizot Fran ois Pierre GuillaumeGuizot1787
?tudes Litt?raires - XVIIIe si?cle.?tudes Litt?raires - XVIIIe si?cle. by Faguet mileFaguet1847
?vangile selon Jean?vangile selon Jean by AnonymeAnonyme
[Einleitung zu:] Thomas Carlyle, Leben Schillers[Einleitung zu:] Thomas Carlyle, Leben Schillers
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