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About Wordsvalley.org

Words Valley initiated as a project to further enhance the availability of free content to the deprived peoples of the world. In early 2007, the terms Words & Valley were joined together to form the basis of wordsvalley,an organization which is to undertake the largest translation project in the history of mankind.

The first objective set forth was the translation of freely available archived books from sources like project gutenberg into languages like urdu/hindi. By doing so, Words valley intends to bridge the information gap and eliminate cultural divides between the nations of the world.

WordsValley beta(i) offline portals
are already functioning in few schools & libraries of asia. These Offline portals were designed after a result of bandwidth tests done in several countries. Schools/libraries without access to internet or internet with low bandwidths meant that the institutions could hardly use the free content on the internet. Therefore beta(i) offline portals were created. A compendium of indexed books + integrated course management systems. So far, the portals have worked up to expectations. Wordsvalley continues to monitor the deployed applications, fixing bugs and including extra features for the final release.

The course,learning and library management solutions created by wordsvalley are undergoing deployment testing in several different institutions around the globe. WordsValley intends to create free management solutions for the developing and developed countries. Thus, bridging the information gap and providing better management of content.

This information is released as free and usable only without any change of purpose and meaning.